The Better Option for Me

Hello Science 200 classmates!

My name is Anna Wisniewski, and I’m from the beautiful city of Pittsburgh.  We are known for our bridges, so HERE is a link to an article about them.  I am a freshman here at Penn State, and my intended major is public relations.  

Why am I taking this course?  Well, I need a general science class.  It’s not that I don’t like biology, chemistry, or even physics.  I actually love science, and did pretty well honestly.  It’s more the fact that I know those classes are especially challenging, and I need to keep a 3.3 GPA to get into my major.  Maybe I’ll explore  those classes later on!

Surprisingly enough, all through high school I had my heart set on becoming  a pediatrician.  Sooner or later I decided that just was not for me.  I am not a science major because I love talking with people so much!  Now before you say anything, I know that a pediatrician talks to patients all day.  Thats why I thought it would be the perfect mix of medical and interactions.  I just feel communications is a better fit for me and my talkative, outgoing, (sometimes crazy) personality.  Although you never know, I could switch majors and end up doing research the rest of my life.  I’m very open to exploring what Penn State has to offer, so I am willing to be flexible and try new things.  Speaking of flexibility, I really love yoga.  That was maybe an awkward way to transition between subjects but let’s just go with it!  Here’s a meme of a dog doing yoga that basically sums up how I feel sometimes when I’m in a science class

.  yoga dog

I hope that I can get to know some of you guys, maybe form a solid study group, or just find some people who love Game of Thrones as much as I do and have viewing party.  Whatever floats your boat!  I’m excited to continue through this course and read all of your ideas about the science around us!

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  1. mxp5454

    Reading this I realized we have a lot in common! I am also a communications major with a 3.3 GPA requirement and I too did well in math in high school. Although I am not from Pittsburgh (I am from Philadelphia– ) or a big game of Thrones fan but hats only because I haven’t watched the show yet :(. With over 200 people in this course its nice to know someone has things in common with myself.

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