The Hard Truth I Learned at NSO


Hi, my name is Melissa, and I’m from Connecticut. I’m majoring in marketing, and at NSO I found out the hard truth that I had to take a science class. As I was sadly scrolling through science classes I could take I basically felt like this: ron swanson

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Fortunately, my advisor told me about SC 200, and I was no longer sad after reading the course description, feeling as though this class was made for me. Through years of public school, I felt as if science was ruined for me, but I have a good feeling that this class will open my eyes to the interesting aspects of science, that we never got to discover during K-12, which I’m very excited about.

I’m not planning to be a science major because either a) school ruined science for me, or b) I really just don’t like science and I’m blaming it on the schools I went to. Also, I simply just enjoy business/marketing more than science.

Although I’m typically not interested in a lot of science topics, I do love to learn about space. Here is an article filled with some really cool pictures someone was able to take of space/the Milky Way, which reminded me of the model Andrew showed us in class.

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