This Class Looks Fun!

Hello everyone, my name is Charlie. Science was not too kind to me throughout my High School career. The grades I received in my science courses were fine, but I did not enjoy the courses I was forced to take. I never understood why I needed to learn what elements were considered alkaline earth metals, and what elements were considered halogens. I am not becoming a science major not because I do not understand science, but because the science that I have been taught does not pique my interest. The only truly interesting experience I had in my chemistry class was learning the science behind Breaking Bad.


I took SC 200 because this class offers a unique way of looking at science. SC 200 is a course I am sure I will look back at long after I graduate from Penn State and remember how engaging it was. This class lets you explore science beyond a simple textbook reading. It gives you the ability to think about the real world rather than being told to study information that won’t be of use to you unless you plan to study science in college, which obviously I have decided not to.

I am looking forward to learning about interesting and meaningful topics throughout the semester. Here is an interesting article I found about a squishy robot. Enjoy.

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  1. Dana Corinne Pirrotta

    Hey Charlie!
    I’m Dana, and I feel similarly about some of my science classes! I loved biology, but classes like chemistry flew over my head. The link about the squishy robot is really interesting, I found another cool one about it Here


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