Unrequited Love

My first semester at Penn State (last fall), I was extremely excited at the prospect of majoring in Biology. I had big dreams of medical school and all the heart-pounding, Earth-shattering, life-making moments that a career in medicine would have to offer me. However, life had other plans. I withdrew from Bio 110 about halfway through the course. My breaking point came after 2 terrible exam grades, when my professor began a lecture by stating, “We are all familiar with the Krebs Cycle, but from that we get ____”, I didn’t hear the rest of that statement. I certainly was not familiar with the Krebs Cycle, so I decided to abandon ship sooner rather than later. Now I’m a Global and International Studies major with a minor in Philosophy and am much happier with that decision (well… for now). I plan on going to law school, but we’ll see how my life pans out.

So it’s not by choice that I’m taking this class as a non-science major but I’m happy that I am. Not only did it fulfill my GN requirement, but the broad topic seemed interesting and I was very excited to take a course that was geared towards non-science majors. I look forward to an engaging and interesting class.



My article┬áis very relevant in the world today, as it has to do with Zika and the effect it has on babies. As of right now the long term effects of Zika are widely unknown, and I’m very anxious to see how this disease develops.

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