We could still love science even we aren’t scientist after all

It is just awesome to see new posts popping up one after another every time I refresh this page. There are so many thoughts and ideas that started developing in my head after I read those blogs and I’m sure we will have a remarkable time together in SC200.

So now, hello to class SC200. My name is Cindy (despite of what you might see under this post, please pronounce it as Cindy ). I’m in college of Arts and Architecture, majoring in IDS right now but I’m also involving in Psychology. Maybe I will do a double major later on. So yes, I am an art student, but that doesn’t mean I hate science or doesn’t know any science course at all. I took Chemistry and Physic throughout my high school education. I actually enjoy the labs and group assignments during those years. The only thing I don’t like about is calculation and math, and that’s why now I’m with you guys instead of solving some really complicated science problems.

To be honest, SC200 reminds me about one of the science course I had back in high school, which is the reason I choose this course. It was designed for non-science student as well. I get to learn some really cool things that I’m interested in. We get to explore and discuss about the universe, which is something grand but extraordinary to think about. I’m glad that we had some discussion during our last class on this topic, this‘s just something really makes me hyper.


A picture I found on Google reminds me about what Andrew showed us in class

Another thing I want to share with you guys is the video series of Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking. I used to watch this video in my secondary school science classes. What I really like about this is that it concludes some scientific facts and researches with common language and explain it through models. It is easy for everyone to understand and appreciate. It also include some of the content from A Brief History of Time, which is also a book I strongly recommend you to read if you are interested in the universe.

It’s just crazy to think about how tiny we really are compare to the whole universe. But we also have the potential to shape the world.


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