You can run from science, but science cannot run from you

Hello, I am Kaitlyn Kaminski a sophomore majoring in broadcast journalism. I plan on minoring in CAS and obtaining a sports journalism certificate from The John Curley Center. Look for me on ESPN or NBC Sports (Pierre McGuire needs to go… agree with me someone) in about two years!  I am from New Jersey so don’t hold this against me because I will have to be impartial towards all of y’alls teams… but I am a New York Giants, Rangers and Yankees fan (Again, I apologize, but loyalty is loyalty). I am also a fraternal twin so when you date me, you date her- we are literally the same person (it’s annoying).

As you can probably tell- science is not something I prefer. I was kind of pushed into the science field by my uncles, but clearly failed to listen to them. I aced my bio and chem class during high school, but then physics happened and science wasn’t fun anymore… you live and you learn 😉 I could never imagine myself going into a career path that I’d hate and I feel like I’d be miserable if I did so with science.

I am going to be completely honest with you- my advisor told me to take this class, so I did. I googled the class then the professor and became interested in it. RateMyProfessor did not scare me off and come on… I needed to hear the accent! So far so good, I am not disappointed with anything and I cannot wait to see how this semester turns out!

If there is one thing that I have learned it is that- You can run from science, but science can never run from you. I have always thought that my major was a safe one-no math/no science… BOY, I WAS WRONG… Two math classes and three science classes later I can say I am almost officially done with the classes forever, but never the material. Even though my major won’t involve science specifically…it is there. You have how fast a ball flies in the air, what happens when someone gets a concussion, helmets designed for impact, safety equipment, the mechanics of stadiums, etc… science is EVERYWHERE. While I am glad I will never have to sit with a pencil/paper and write an equation ever again, I cannot avoid science.

Here’s a link to an extinct bird species found in the Galapagos- Click here I just thought this was an interesting read and I like birds.

You can read some of my work covering hockey and different random events Here

Please enjoy this picture of the GOAT (do not argue with me on this :))… my husband- Derek Jeter and some…birds that are in Galapagos.




4 thoughts on “You can run from science, but science cannot run from you

  1. Jack A Brusco

    Hi Kaitlyn,
    My name is Jack and I’m from Queens, NY. I’m also a die hard Jeter fan and was absolutely broken when he decided to retire. Then, when his final game at Yankee Stadium came about, I was blessed with 2 tickets to go watch the game live with my dad. I still have the video I took live at the stadium when Derek hit the walk off single in his final game at the stadium. I thought you’d like this article ( which talks about how great Jeter truly is.

  2. alp5801

    Hey Kaitlyn! Since I saw that you posted a link about the extinction of some species of birds, I included this article, which talks about the link between extinction and climate change. I think it is really important because through global warming, we could potentially lose animals like the polar bear. Hopefully we can change it around, sort of like in the article you posted!
    Another link to the article:

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