Science? More like magic

Hi, my name is Michael Garawitz. I am from Short Hills, New Jersey. I am about 30 minutes from New York City. I am currently a freshmen in the Division of undergraduate studies. I plan to transfer into the Business School and plan to major in economics or accounting.

During my orientation, I decided that I wanted to take a few classes that were vastly different than what I intend to major in. I wanted to try something out thats new. As I was reading about the classes, they all seemed incredibly boring. I knew I didn’t want to study the middle ages again, or learn about Greek and Roman history for the hundredth time. I saw this class and the course description caught my eye. “A science class for students who do not want to be scientists”. That sounded interesting. I kept reading and it said that I didn’t need any prior knowledge of anything regarding science. For a one semester course, I don’t mind trying something new. Before I begin to have all my classes focused around my major, I definitely wanted to take some cool and interesting classes. I actually found an interesting article that is related to what we will be learning in this class. You can find it hereĀ

I don’t hate science, however I am just not a huge fan of it. I never have been in High School. I just don’t find learning about organisms and species and genes to be very interesting. I would much rather learn about politics or the economy. I realize that science is important and I am grateful that there are people who actually like it. But, I’m not one of those people.



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  1. dff5115

    Hi Michael i am also from New Jersey. i am in DUS ans looking to switch into business as well, either finance or accounting. Here’s an article about business majors after college

  2. hem5172

    Hey Michael! I’m in DUS and looking to switch into the business school as well. I completely agree with what you said about science and took this class for similar reasons. I don’t loathe science classes, I would just rather learn about something else. I like what you said about taking classes outside of your major while you still have the opportunity. (Here’s) an article about why taking classes that don’t relate to your intended career is an important aspect of college.

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