Hello everyone, my name is Alex Schaefer. I’m from Fairfax, Virginia which is about half an hour outside of DC. I wrestled and played rugby all throughout high school, and I’m also the oldest of seven. I also plan on majoring in supply chain management and minoring in Chinese. I’m very excited to attend this course with all of you. I chose business over science because it comes to me naturally and interests me more than science at this point.

Science never really was a problem for me, however that is because it was all memorization and no critical thinking. I never had fun learning science, but I can see Andrew is going to change that this year. What stood out to me most during the first two classes is what Andrew said about critical thinking. To me that’s the most interesting way to learn. Rarely have I ever had to apply critical thinking to science, but almost every question I get in my SCM or Econ class I have here to apply critical thinking. I believe this class will open my mind to be scientifically inclined to answer questions. There are so many questions in science to think about, and to be quite honest we barely touched science in high school.

We all know and love Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad. I hope to feel the same way about science as he does in this picture.  A topic that interests me greatly, partly because of the movie Interstellar, is if it is possible to find another planet that has the ability to support human life. I don’t recall the name of the planet that we discussed in class on Thursday, but here is an article in depth on a possibly habitable world about 16 light years away. I hope you all enjoy it!

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