My major is golf

I’m Rob MacPherson and I’m from Boston, Massachusetts.  Like most of us I am a freshman at Penn state UP and I started in the summer which helped in somewhat getting a feel for college. My major is Professional golf management which is in RPTM.  Coming to Penn state was a shot in the dark for me because I didn’t really know anyone personally that had been here before but all I knew was that they had a golf major which is wicked cool. I heard that I had a class on the golf course and that’s when I sealed the deal. Three credits to play golf. Dope. Then I realized I had to get in to the school which I was sure about since they made me wait half the damn year for a decision. But it worked, so it’s good and now I’m here, in a class of an absurd amount of people  with a professor with a semi cool accent learning about science. The bottom line is I am in this class because back when I was scheduling my classes I was told that this is the one I would least likely fall asleep in. I was down for that considering I wanted to make the most of my parents money goi towards school and not fall asleep in class. The second part of the bottom line is that I don’t want to be a science major not because I don’t like science but because I just don’t think in depth enough most of the time. I don’t always question stuff as much as I should and stop thinking before I get an answer. I hope to change that in this class but that is one reason I probably can’t major in science. If there’s one thing I want to learn about in class it is probably something that’s related to golf just because I want to learn about something that I’m going to need in the long run and I am interested specifically in. That being said here is a live link to a sports science clip,                                            image

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  1. dwd5373

    Wow class on the golf course, I must say I’m pretty jealous theres not a better way to earn three credits than that. Your major seems pretty awesome and I bet my dad wishes he can go back in time and take it at Penn State. I enjoyed the sports science clip you posted because thats honestly the only science I like learning about. Heres a sports science about Steph Curry, one of my favorite basketball player

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