My Relationship with Science

Hi everyone! My name is Tina Locurto and I am a Sophomore. I’m from Somers, New York, which is a very small town in Westchester County. I often tell people I live in the same county as where the X-Men live, which is something that always makes people laugh (and also provides for a great conversation starter).


I am in the College of Communications, and I plan to major in Journalism with a minor in either English or Art.  I decided to take this course because I needed one more science class to fulfill a general education requirement. I also choose it because this class seemed genuinely interesting though, and not typical of a normal science class.

Which leads me to answering why I am not planning to be a science major.

I have a fairly complicated relationship with science. Growing up I honestly loved it, and enjoyed participating in the various experiments our class would conduct. For a while, I wanted to work with animals and be either a Veterinarian or Marine Biologist. Things definitely changed when I entered high school and realized math and science are two subjects that I absolutely despised. My science classes in high school were your typical science classes— where you have to cram for exams and remember complicated formulas and scientific equations— and if you don’t remember them you failed the class. I wish science classes in high school were taught differently, but I guess the teachers are just teaching us what is mandatory by state through the common core. I found this New York Times article about the Common Core that I found very interesting, and describes how the Common Core is hurting students across the country.

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