Science 200 and Me

Hi everyone, my name is Isobel Hoang. I am a sophomore business major from Northern Virginia. I’m taking Science 200 because I needed a science general education course. I choose Science 200 because it’s wide breadth of topics enticed me as it seemed to be more interesting than a class that focused on the specifics of one topic. Science 200 also appealed to me because it is geared towards non-Science majors.

I am not planning on being a Science major because I have never liked science in the past. Growing up, my science teachers never made the subject interesting. The only interesting days in science was when the teacher would play a video. Videos like Bill Nye and the Magic School Bus became the only interesting thing about the subject. In high school, the Science teachers made the class tedious and filled with busy work. This increased my dislike for the subject and my inclination to not be a Science major.

bill nye

Bill Nye (above) the savior of science in elementary school.

If you are like me, and miss Bill Nye being the only thing about science that you enjoy- then go to this link here. It will take you to Bill Nye’s website where he has videos uploaded. You can take a walk down memory lane and watch some of his recent science experiments.


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