Science From A Different Angle

I have always known that science is something I enjoy. I admire it particularly for its importance, and moreover the unrelenting momentum it has in answering the literal biggest questions in the universe. I signed up for Science in Our World because of this appreciation and curiosity I have, and to further my understanding of scientific principles and topics. Relating to the second topic of this blog, I would say I signed up because I am not a science major. What I mean is that I did not want my schedule and collection of information this semester to have a dearth of fascinating and deliberately special lessons.

However, I myself am not one to enter into my college career with a schedule centered around a topic I am not appropriately versed in. So what enticed me is the imaginative and important style of the material presented that we have yet to explore, but I still am not one to major in science at this point in my understanding of it. Keeping some of it alive in my education was a priority.

I am extremely moved by the immensity and confusion of space. Among other large topics in science, space is something that continues to be a focus that has so much left to uncover. I hope that I cannot only learn more about this incredible portion of science, but that I can branch out to different subjects and topics that pique my interest just as much. This representation of the scale of the universe is exactly the mind of thing I am attracted to in science. I hope anyone that checks it out agrees that it is not only relative to the initial theme of the class but incredible on its own. Another topic I am very curious about is the natural progression and evolution of evil capacity in the human mind. How soon will terrorism be twice as likely? This is an imperative topic and can definitely be addressed in a scientific form that speaks to the depth of the issue. Data-and-World-Map-on-Global-Terrorism-2002-2011-The-Economist

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  1. Alyssa Marie Frey

    Hi Patrick, I completely agree with you and always enjoy learning new things that are happening in our world. I too enjoy learning about space and luckily for me, my brother is almost always watching the discovery network and telling me about the newest things he’s learned about space. I found these interesting videos/episodes about Scott Kelly, a man who spent a year in space. I thought they might interest you!

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