Science- not my thing

Hey everyone, my name is Olivia DeArment and I live in a small town called Winchester Virginia, about 45 minutes from DC. I am in Division of Undergraduate studies as of now but i am planning on majoring in Business Marketing in Smeal. I play soccer, love to hike and exercise and I have the best and cutest chocolate lab in the world named Bettis, named after the Steelers player Jerome Bettis.


I took this class honestly originally because an advisor told me this was an intriguing course that I could fill my science Gen-ed requirement with. However, I read the description and I agreed that it looked like a course I could really enjoy. I can’t say I hated science in high school, but it just was not for me. I found myself bored to tears as we reiterated counts of cell, chemistry equations, and uses of the periodic table. What caught my eye about this class was instead of the memorization and straightforward right or wrong answers science courses or rather any course requires, this one allows for discussion, questioning, and to create our own answers. I love critical thinking, discussion, and exploring the wonders of the world. This class seems to do all of the above. I am excited to explore and draw conclusion from the world we live in while exposing myself to science that we can all have an opinion on. Seminars and deep discussions about the unknown has always been a strong interest of mine, and I am ready to dive right into this while learning about the world of science at the same time.

Although science is not my favorite, I am willing to work to enjoy it and hopefully by exploring and participating in this different approach to a science course I can find a new way to enjoy it. I do really enjoy english and I love to read about anything and everything. I think this course can aid me in my writing and critical thinking that pertains to english classes I will take later on. This seems to be a class that can benefit me all across the board.

After reviewing some of the questions that are planned for the class, I came to thinking of my own. I love the idea of coming up with wonders or itching questions and discussing anything from the validity of it or what it means in the world in general. I have always been very intrigued with criminal justice and studying crime and a question that I have always had was: What about an individual’s mind allows them or makes them have the desire to commit crime or murder? I found an article pertaining to this question that I found interesting, hopefully some of you will too!


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