Hey everyone, my names Daniel Lehecka and I’m a freshman currently pursuing a finance major at Smeal.  I’m from the suburbs north of Pittsburgh, and I went to a high school called North Allegheny.  If anyone is from Pittsburgh, you probably know exactly where I’m talking about.

So what brings me to SC 200 then, how did this business major with absolutely NO intention to ever do anything science related for a professional career end up in an oversized lecture hall with all of you?  I guess you could call it luck, fate, or pure magic.  This class was not a part of my schedule until the AP scores came out, I originally had Econ 102 as my 5th class.  But we got the scores back, I dropped out of Econ and went looking for a Gen-Ed.  After a lot of emails with my academic advisor (sorry Sarah) I decided that I should go looking for a Science gen ed so I could just get some of those credits out of the way.  I looked on lionpath and saw a whopping 2 options in front of me, Science 200 with very few seats left in the class, or an intro to biology.  I moved that mouse as fast as possible to get myself into this class, and now here I am.  Speaking of this class, I found an article that pertains pretty well to what we talked about in class Thursday which can be found here.

So why then don’t I like Science?  I’m not sure that it’s so much I dislike science as it is I like every other subject more.  Learning science in a public school is like eating pizza at a gluten free restaurant, it’s just not a fun experience.  I’m not interested in chemistry, physics was just a complicated mess and I almost failed out of anatomy.  In fact, I dropped AP chem after 3 days because the room was cold and dark.

Frozen Face for Science 200 Blog

Do I inherently hate science, I guess no.  But would I like to spend as little time in a science class as possible?  You better believe it.

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