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Hi Class!

My name is Caroline Sorrentino and I’m a freshman. I’m from Long Island, New York so being around mountains and not beaches is an adjustment; but a good one! I’m in the College of Communications and when I was told I needed to take a science I was taken aback, I remember having to pick between this class and Insectology so, without hesitation, I chose SC 200 hardly even knowing what it was, but I just despise bugs. The advisor helping me create my schedule suggested I pick this class anyway and explained it to me by saying an example of a lesson was “Why praying is scientifically proven to work” which I thought was super neat. I was never great at science, it didn’t make sense to me because there were so many variables as opposed to history and english where everything was blunt and to the point. I think that I chose Communications and not Science as my major because I have a passion for people, whether it be helping them or conveying a message to them. Science has never and probably will never be my strong suit but that being said doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy trying to understand it and learning what it has to offer. That’s probably why I’m so grateful to be taking this course.

I am a huge fan of horror and Sci-Fi movies and shows though. I recently came across my new favorite show (which, I admit, I finished in two days), Stranger Things on Netflix. The new Sci-Fi drama features four boys who play Dungeons and Dragons and their fantasy world more or less becomes reality in a dark, chilling way. If you haven’t seen the eight episode series yet, I highly recommend it. From the 80’s inspiration to the acting, the show is bound to be a complete success and I’m already anticipating the next season.

Wondering if the show is for you? I attached a link of reasons why you should be watching it here



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  1. Samantha Francesca Sichenze

    Hey Caroline, I was instantly drawn to your blog after reading that you’re from New York. I’m from Brooklyn, but I have many friends and family that live in Long Island. I spend all my summers in Long Island, specifically South Hampton. I was also hesitate when I found out I needed to take a science for my major, but this class actually sounds interesting. Although both of our majors involve dealing with people, I look forward to seeing how we can learn from this class and apply it to our careers. Last but not least, I also spend most of my time watching Netflix, except I prefer drama shows instead of horror films. Good luck with this class and the rest of the school year!

  2. Jeremy Perdomo

    Dear Caroline,

    Holy crap. We have so many things in common, its not even funny!

    First off, I, too, am from New York. I was born in Queens, and then moved to Long Island. Then, the year I turned five, I moved to The Poconos here in the Keystone State:)

    Also, I am actually highkey addicted to horror movies, too! My absolute favorite movie, and also the scariest one I have ever seen, is Insidious. Know what movie it is I’m talking about? Click here if you’re not too sure. And I wonder if you like the horror-thriller series called Saw…? I literally love it; am I a creep for that? Lmao

    Finally, to make you feel better, and anyone else who reads this comment, here is another link for why kids should NOT major in science.

    Anyways, see you around!

    Jeremy Perdomo

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