The Day I Broke Up With Science

Hi guys, I’m Rachel Anton, and I’d like to tell you about my ex, Science.

Science and I go way back. I remember having the best of times with science when I was in elementary school. Playing with bugs, making silly putty, and having those pet frogs that you couldn’t take out of water or else they would die (one of the biggest disappointments of my childhood). Everyone could see it; science and I were in the honeymoon stage. Every time I was asked my favorite subject, I’d say science. But, then we grew old together. High school came around and instead of playing with meal worms, I was learning about mitosis and meiosis. What is that? Who had science become? I never knew science would do me like that. I trusted science. We had so much fun together, and suddenly everything became definitions and equations. It was safe to say that the honeymoon stage was long gone, and my relationship with science was sinking. So, we broke up. It was tough because I still had to see science every day. Going to required high school science class was painful because I knew we would never be the same. So, why did I take Science 200? Well, I read the description that essentially said, “science for people who don’t like science.” Even though me and science had a terrible break up, I think it’s safe to say we will never get rid of each other. Science 200 seems like the perfect opportunity to bring back that honeymoon stage.


I am not planning on being a science major because some things just aren’t meant to be. Although I love some parts of science, I can’t see past the parts that I hate. Instead, I am an AD/PR major in the College of Comm. Writing and telling stories are two things that I absolutely love. I’ve always loved them but suppressed my feelings when I thought I wouldn’t make money if I followed my heart. Once science and I finally ended things, I let myself free. I realized that money doesn’t matter. I realized that following a passion will get you much further than anything else. Science, I hope you’re not jealous. This is for the best. This one is for you.


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  1. Caroline Grace Sorrentino

    I love this. Figures, because we have the same major so of course I can relate. I love that you told this in a story setting. Writing is my thing too, clearly not science so it’s cool that you could work both together in that way. I remember dissecting owl pellets in 6th grade and thinking it was so neat, like finding bones and stuff in it. It was so interesting to me. Bio was livable but when chem rolled around I stopping having any passion or motivation for science. And senior year physics was unbearable. The equations and diagrams were too much and it just wasn’t enjoyable at all. It was actually awful. I’m glad someone else feels the same way!!

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