Why I am not in Love with Science

Why I am not in Love with Science


Hello everyone! My name is Asaad Al-Busaidi. I am from a country in the Middle East called Oman. I am in the Smeal College of Business. One reason for doing this course is because my intended major is Finance, which is also related to science in some ways. For example, a financial Manager in a petroleum development company needs to at least have a broad knowledge in petrol to make better decisions about many financial aspects such as investments. In addition to the relation between Finance and science, I became interested in Genetics since I was at high school because of my experience in aviculture. Not only did I love Genetics but I also tried to apply it in my experience in aviculture, as I used to study Genetics, mutation particularly, to help me have a better understanding of the world of birds and their colors and to breed birds with specific desirable colors. Also, I love science because it gives explanations for many things or tasks that take part in our day-to-day life. And thus my interest in science and my previous experience made me choose to do this FANTASTIC course, as it will also help me get a better understanding in what was is going around me.


The reason I did not want to be science major was because of my high school experience in physics and chemistry which was not really that fun. Even though I got good grade on math, I received very low grades on physics. Also, I believe that I have a much bigger interest in Finance and that I would do well in the world of business.

Finally, I would like to share with you this link that is for this amazing website that covers many topics about how stuff works. If you are the type of person who always wonder about how stuff works, then open this link and believe me you will learn a lot about how many common things that we do in our life and know nothing about they work. It includes topics such as how oil recycling works and even has videos that show how they work in a more detailed way.

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