Science Is Everywhere

Hi everyone! My name is Avery Holland and I am from Mountain Lakes, New Jersey. I am currently a freshman in the College of Communications and I plan on majoring in Advertising/ PR. I have never been at good at Science or Math so majoring in either of those was never a consideration for me. I struggled with both of those subjects throughout high school so I knew being a Chemist or Physicist was not likely. I liked writing and English class so I decided to look into English or Communications. After researching majors in the College of Communications at Penn State, I liked the idea of Advertising/ PR since my mom used to work in that field. She advertised for Trident gum and would often give me little tips on how the advertising and branding of a product can attract a certain market of people.I found this idea interesting and so, decided to follow in her footsteps.

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I had to take a science Gen Ed and while science is not my favorite subject, I was interested in taking this class to learn how it is apparent and relevant in our everyday world. Science has brought us so many technological and medical advancements as can be seen here http:// .

One of the biggest questions that I am looking forward to discussing in class is the uncertainty behind how long the human race will exist. It is said to be inevitable that all living organisms will die eventually but the questions of when or how they die are unanswered. Many have tried to come up with causes or events that could lead to the sixth extinction but no one is certain. While this extinction may happen anywhere between thousands to millions to billions years away, it is still an eerie thought to think that one day the human race will no longer exist.

I am excited to have this and many more potential questions discussed in class and I’m looking forward to understanding a little more about the world we live in today.


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