Enjoyable… but not for life

What’s up everyone, my name is Matt Jacobs and I’m a freshman here at PSU majoring in finance. During high school I never had a problem taking sciences, was not a big fan of biology but chem and physics were pretty fun classes. Even though I thought they were fun, I really only took them because my HS required us to have 3 science credits to graduate. At NSO they told me I needed a science gen ed and that most business majors just took BiSci 003. Checked out this class and it seemed pretty shitty so threw that out of the option pile. About 30 minutes went by of reading the description for every single natural science course and I came along the word “non-scientists.” BAM, instantly added the course into my schedule. There were also some other key things about this course that appealed to me, I like the controversies aspect and applying science to real world events rather than just seeing, like Andrew said, what color would show when two chemicals were mixed together by following the directions.

There were many times I really enjoyed my science classes, especially when labs came around and most of the time was spent just talking rather than doing the lab (we actually did all the work with the lab, we were just given an obscene amount of time to do so). So I actually ended up really doing these labs whether it was dissecting an animal or  trying to make a water balloon swing through an area of nails without popping. But, science, to me, was kinda like wood shop; it was a fun class but it was not something I wanted to get paid to do for the rest of my life. I really always had a business interest and wished to pursue a business degree and career which is why I am choosing to not be a science major.

Here is a diagram that explains how Snapchat, currently worth $20 billion according to Forbes, makes their money.

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