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Hey everyone! My name is Molly Arnay and I’m from Princeton, NJ. I’m currently in the Public Relations/ Advertising major, which is about as far of from science as possible. I took physics, chemistry, biology and environmental science in high school and never quite liked any of them. I typically try to avoid science and math at all costs, they are definitely not my strong suits. I do find science interesting when it is delivered in the right form and I am a pretty environmentally conscious person but these science courses were very dry and the information never stuck with me, so i guess that’s why I’m not a science major.

I chose this science course for a few reasons. My advisor said that it was a science course for people who didn’t love science, and that is definitely me. She said there was a lot of blogging involved which sounded interesting and new to me. And also this class fulfilled a requirement for my major, but nonetheless I’m happy I’m taking this course because the topics actually seem intriguing to learn about and I like the way the class is run.

I chose this link because with my PR degree, I hope to go into the music industry. This article details what different kinds of music do to your brain!music brain pic science

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  1. Justine Arlexandra Cardone

    Hey Molly,

    My name is Justine Cardone! My major is quite different from yours as I’m undecided and gearing towards Health Policy and Administration. However, I agree with you on the fact that science can be interesting if taught in the right way but I just never clicked with it. I also thought that your link was very interesting because I love music and I definitely can see how different music would effect your brain. I also am a huge dog lover and was interested if music could also effect their brain so I looked it up and found this article to be very interesting!!

  2. Angela Maria Napolitano

    Hey! I actually considered going down the exact career path that you are! I have such a huge love for music and I want to end up in marketing/advertising, I think it’d be cool to tie the two together. I found this website ( ) that’s entirely about the relationship between music and science. And it makes noises whenever you press on the keyboard, so there’s that.

  3. Olivia Anne Browne

    Hi Molly,
    My name is Olivia. I am also in the school of Communications, and I am also an AD major!
    I am currently a sophomore and agree with every reason you listed as to why you decided to take this class. I found your posted article ( as well as your picture) very interesting! I am also into music. I play piano- and I have since I was about 8. I only really play for fun though, and I enjoy playing current contemporary music. What I like most about your article is how they related the types of music you like with some characteristics you might obtain. I found this very interesting!
    Check out this article

    …..its really cool regarding how listening to music as you do work effects your brain!

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