Science, its a no from me.

My name is Ashton Pinter and I’m from the Jersey shore. No, by Jersey shore I do not mean the type of shore portrayed on the MTv show. My Jersey shore is a lot less dramatic and party filled than the shore you may have seen on MTv. I’m in the college of communications and plan to major in advertisement. My major is one that does not have a heavy background in science or math, two subjects that I honestly have no interest in. Math has always been so confusing and frustrating for me. While I am very good at science, I find the topics I have learned about in the past to be extremely boring. Chemistry literally put me to sleep. I couldn’t tell you when in my life I will need to find the atomic mass of elements. With that being said that is exactly why I’m taking Science 200, and because I needed a science course. While making my schedule, I explained to the academic advisor that I am not someone who finds science to be an enjoyable class. My academic advisor told me that this class would be a perfect fit for me because it is for people who don’t necessarily enjoy science but instead enjoy deep conversation and understanding. After going to the first week of this class I feel more inclined than ever to learn about science. Looking at the class schedule, all of the topics seem interesting and exciting. Topics like “Are drugs better than teachers?” and “Do aliens visit Earth?” are things that I am eager to learn about. They are topics that a traditional science class would never look into.

I went all of my high school career with my heart being set on going to college to study sports medicine. I was a cheerleader in high school for my football team, which is how my interest in this profession started. I would see the athletic trainers on the sidelines, and think to myself, thats amazing how they can help someone get right back into the game after getting hurt. I kept thinking about sports medicine and decided that helping NFL players recover from an injury would be a goal of mine. My high school guidance cousoler told me that taking anatomy my senior year would look good on my transcript for colleges because it is a type of course I would indeed have to take again at college for being on the sports medicine major track. The first day of school my senior year I walked into anatomy very eager to learn and become one step closer to studying sports medicine. Within 10 minutes of the teacher explaining the class I knew that science was indeed the wrong major for me. I felt lost because I had only seen myself going into the profession, I had to rethink everything. That day I switched out of the class and have not thought about going into a major so heavily involved with science.

While on YouTube the other day I stumbled across a video called This Much Will Kill You. The title caught my eye and I decided to watch the video. In the video it talks about how much of a certain thing you body can handle before you die. Another interesting fact I learned from watching the video was that, for every 1 inch you are taller than 5 feet it takes about 1.3 years off of your life.


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  1. jng5247

    Hi Ashton, I’m Justine. I was reading your blog post and discovered that we have a lot in common! I live about fifteen minutes away from the Jersey Shore and I am also in the college of communications, except I am majoring in public relations. After watching the video that you linked I was super interested to learn more about some of the interesting and surprising science facts that we are not even aware of. I clicked on the user’s profile who created the video and came across another video named “amazing facts to blow your mind”. Here is the link to it. The videos that were created by this user really make you think hard about your life and how there are so many interesting facts that we are unaware of. Hopefully this class can answer some of our unanswered questions about science!

  2. Natalie Elizabeth Burns

    Hi Ashton! I actually vacation at the Jersey Shore for most of the summer because I am only a couple hours away.
    I found your link very interesting and a little scary. It’s so weird to think that “overdosing” on everyday substances can lead to long term or fatal outcomes. When I scrolled down I saw this video that was made by the same user and found this also very interesting.
    I couldn’t get it to be a live link through comments, but that’s the URL.

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