I have always had some kind of interest in science.  I definitely do not hate all of it.  What I did hate about it was that lack of interest I had during my high school bio, chem, and physics classes.  I can vividly remember sitting in my physics class staring at the clock almost the entire time, just praying that it would end soon.  I honestly believe this torture in my earlier years of school has led me to the path where I am not continuing as a full-blown science major because again, I definitely don’t hate all of it.  I could care less about how many moles of this substance it takes to react with this other thing to make this, or how many meters per second the ball has to travel.  Memorizing facts, and how to do these kind of problems makes me cringe.

What does capture my interest is an article on how cell phones could possibly be dangerous to our health.  A good sports science segment on ESPN will always intrigue me every time it comes on TV.  Even just the little articles on the top of the snapchat stories talking about a new study in health, or a new species being discovered will make me realize that I do indeed like this aspect of science.  I also am not a big fan of some the math aspects that science and engineering majors have to suffer through, but thats a different story.  Here’s a science article that I did think was interesting about cell phone risks to our health.

science meme 1

After explaining all that I’ll introduce myself.  My name is Alex Felton from Wallingford, Pennsylvania about 15 minutes from Philadelphia.  I am currently undecided, but taking business classes this semester.  I can’t wait to start this class.  Looking at all the scheduled topics made me really excited about going to class and having a different kind of course, one that will keep my interest.  I took this class because I was reeled in by the title initially, Science: Certainty and Controversy.

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