No science, no problem

Hi, SC200! My name is Meredith Herndon and I am a freshman at PSU.  I’m from Pittsburgh, PA, and am currently in DUS… AKA I don’t know what I want to do with my life.  What I do know, though, is that I am not a science person.  Biology was alright but it would have been better if my teacher liked teenagers; chemistry and all the elements made my head spin; the calculations and equations in physics were too confusing to remember; and lastly, environmental science was the only science I liked but I still wasn’t great at it.  I wish I liked science, I find it extremely interesting, but I’ve never found myself to be able to enjoy studying it.  I would be reading my textbook and zone out because of how bored I got.  Facebook and YouTube videos, such as this one, blow my mind and I love hearing about science, and reading about the new discoveries that are occurring in the world around us, but I couldn’t see myself dedicating my life to these topics.


It is for these reasons that I am taking this course. When I was at NSO, scheduling my courses, I told my adviser that I was not interested in a lab science of any kind.  She told me to search around LionPath, and see if I could find anything.  After about 20 minutes of opening links and reading course descriptions, I found this class.  A second adviser came over to see my schedule and raved about this class. I quickly added it my schedule, and now I’m here: writing a blog post for “the most interesting course I will take” while very excited to see what this semester will entail!


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