Blaming Physics

In my junior year of high school, I was crazy obsessed with the hit drama Grey’s Anatomy. I would watch the show days on end. With the help of many, many snow days, I was able to completely submerge myself in the show. As my obsession for Grey’s Anatomy grew, I steadily began to think that I may want to work at a hospital in the future. I mean sure, I hated and avoided anything and everything that had to do with sickness, injury, blood, ect. but Grey’s made working in a hospital look so glamorous! I thought to myself, “I’m going to work in a hospital when I am older, save lives, and find my own Patrick Dempsey and live happily ever after!” When the time came around to make my senior year academic schedule, I proudly told my guidance counselor that I wanted to major in nursing once I got to college. She told me if I was considering a nursing major, I had to take physics my senior year for my application to nursing schools to even be considered. Little did I know how much taking physics would make me despise science altogether. While all of my other friends were taking my school’s designated “easy” sciences (i.e. “Oceans” or “Intro to Environmental Science”), I was suffering through a class where we had to do incredibly challenging and seemingly useless tasks, such as measuring the amplitude of a slinky. Physics was the culmination of my undying hatred of science and math. I gave up on my dream of being a glamorous nurse shortly after my physics journey began.

I am taking this course because when picking my classes the description given of this course appealed to me the most, and because I had to fulfill my science requirement of course. It seems that this course will be much more critical thinking versus equations and math as well, that helps too.

Here is a link to a New York Times article explaining how Grey’s Anatomy represents the various cultural backgrounds in America.

2 thoughts on “Blaming Physics

  1. rfs5377

    I also was 100% positive that I was going to be a surgeon after watching Grey’s all the way through (twice). I now know that I could never make it through all the schooling, and don’t really have the mind for that much math and science, but it was nice to have a show that convinced me that if my friend was ever dying in my presence I would know exactly what to do. Here is a funny article about how Grey’s will make you feel exactly like a surgeon .

  2. Mackenzie French

    As I scrolled through everyones posts, the Grey’s Anatomy picture caught my eye and I immediately knew I had to comment on yours. Like you, the show basically became my life for a couple months. I mean who doesn’t love watching these two every day. ( ) I even thought about being a surgeon as well, until I got my blood drawn for the first time and discovered that wouldn’t work out for me. Anyways, I agree that this class is going to force us to think critically which I am excited about because we will actually feel engaged. I hope to meet you sometime in class!

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