Dear Science, it’s not you it’s me

Hi everyone, my name is Anthony Calligaro and I am from Narberth, Pennsylvania (right outside of Philadelphia). For those of you who don’t know where Narberth is; I lived next to Lower Merion High School, where Kobe Bryant went to school. Here is a video of Kobe’s top 10 plays from high school (I also like basketball).

I am a Freshman and when I attended New Student Orientation I was enrolled in the Eberly College of Science to major in Mathematics. For some reason, on that second day of Orientation, I decided to go into the Division of Undergraduate Studies to explore all of my options. As of now, however, I am aiming to major in something within the business school.

Clearly I haven’t mentioned science yet for a reason. From biology to chemistry to physics, it was just one headache to another. I learned that the mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell, the periodic table is impossible to memorize, and I’ll never know how to correctly perform an experiment. The only part of science that kept my attention was terrible science jokes:


I chose this class because I’ve heard great things about it and that the class actually makes science interesting. So why not give it a shot? Based on some of the topics on the schedule, SC200 seems like it will be a very entertaining and fun class.

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