I don’t hate science, I’m just not good at it

Hello SC200! My name is Justine Cardone and I am from Buffalo, NY! I am a freshman and am undecided, however, I am thinking about majoring in Health Policy and Administration. After attending the first 2 lectures of SC200, I knew that this was the right class for me. I needed a Gen Ed science and this course was recommended to me! After reading about what the course would hold, I decided to take it because it sounded like something I would enjoy. After hearing what Andrew and his TA’s had to say about the course, my thoughts remain the same.

Throughout my schooling, I always thought that I wanted to be a doctor or PA (mostly because of growing up watching Greys Anatomy totally thinking that I could be Meredith Grey).¬†However, this past year I did a lot of thigreys anatomynking. I never hated taking science courses in high school. In fact, I always found science to be kind of interesting. My interest sadly did not reflect in my ability to fully click with what I was learning, hence, why I don’t plan on pursuing a major in science. I didn’t like how we would be expected to memorize the periodic table, layers of earth, or what made plants green and then spit it back out on a test. What also attracted me to this course was how I will deeply think about what I am learning and not do what I just described as I would in past High School classes.

Getting back to my future…I guess it also doesn’t help my childhood want of being Meredith Grey that every time I see excessive amounts of blood or get blood work done I pass out. Passing out from blood work is actually how I got one of my 4 concussions in the past year! After so many concussions in one year, I started researching about them and even focused some of my school research projects on the long term effects of having multiple concussions. I also was interested in the movie¬†Concussion starring Will Smith thinking it would be relatable. The movie focusses on CTE which is a very serious brain condition which is brought about by having various concussions. The group most effected by this is players in the NFL. To read about CTE, click here!

With that being said, I am very excited to see what this class and semester brings and hope it goes well for everyone!!

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