I Don’t Like Science Either

Hello! My name is Lauren Messing and I am a freshman in the class of 2020. Currently, I am undecided in my major, however, I have decided that it will not consist of anything science. This course was the perfect fit for someone like me. In the words of my advisor, “it is science without the science”. I couldn’t agree more.

All throughout my past education, I have taken classes that are your basic, informational, bland science courses. From physics, to chemistry, to biology, and (unfortunately) much more, I began to dislike science one course at a time. My teachers in the past were very textbook; they followed the guideline of the class exactly without ever adding their own spark of interest. This allowed for a cause and effect theme to occur. The teacher was uninteresting, therefore, the students were uninterested. Did this directly cause my hatred? No, but it most definitely did not illuminate an excitement for the subject within me. Now, I have signed up for SC200 in desperate hope that it will be different. The syllabus for this course seemed to embody a different, untaught version of science. This caught my attention. The¬†class questions the questions that nobody thought to question (sorry for the tongue-twister). “Are drugs better than teachers?” “Are males toxic?” Who would have thought these questions would be of topic in a science class? I am super excited to dive in and find the answers to the many diverse questions/topics we will be studying throughout the semester; and I can honestly say that is the first time I have ever said that about a science related class.

I am a huge sports fan; basketball, football, volleyball- you name it , I love it. For the past four years, I played volleyball competitively and was very successful in my high school/club career. Sports helped shape the person I am today. They made me in touch with my competitive side, something that will help me succeed throughout my life. After playing under many different coaches, I have learned that there is a science behind every part of the game. Whether it be the placement of the serve, the velocity of the ball, or the play chosen for that exact moment; there is a scientific reason why we chose to do that. Below, I have attached an article that depicts different pieces of physics that are relevant to the game of volleyball. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. (:





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