I enjoy science … just not math!


My name is Rebecca Polaha and I am currently an incoming freshman. I am an intended Advertising/ Public Relations major which may give you all the blatant idea that science is not my best subject. I decided to take SC200 because I am actually really interested in topics related to science that do not correspond with math. As I look at the course schedule, I am excited to find out the answers to questions such as,  “Where does evil come from?” and “What is the universe made of?”. I am also very interested in our universe as a whole, and anything that has to do with astronomy.  I try to talk to my friends about it all the time but they do not seem to care. I think its amazing how we can not even fathom how enormous our universe is, and all the questions that we may never be able to answer in our lifetime. Despite my obsession with astronomy, subjects such as chemistry, and physics, are some of the courses you will never see me in. I am not majoring in science for that mere reason; math. English and Psychology have always been my best subjects, therefore I am most likely pursuing Public Relations and Advertising for my career goals.


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I am technically from Allentown, Pennsylvania since I lived there for 10 years, but I moved to Newport Beach, California my freshman year of high school.  This summer, my friend and I decided to make the 6 hour trip to Yosemite. There, we got to hike and take in the breathtaking views that Yosemite Valley has to offer. I have a link Here that describes how the valley was formed due to glaciers and the actual mapping of the National Park. The USGS published its first topographic map of Yosemite in 1897! 

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  1. Summer A Carson

    Hi Rebecca! Your post jumped out to me right away because of the title. I relate immensely to the your statement “I like science… just not math!” and if you read my blog post I make sure that I make that statement clear as well. After sophomore year of high school the more “science-y” math started to appear and my like for science went down. My brother, who is actually only a year older than me, always brings up topics like “do aliens exist” and I genuinely enjoy talking about these things. I noticed you like intriguing topics like these too, so if you ever want to chat I’m here!

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