I have a long history of breaking or stealing lab equipment, SC 200 will be my safe haven

I don’t hate science. I truly don’t. I have the utmost respect for the field of science and its value in our culture. In the words of Clint Eastwood, however, “a man’s gotta know his limitations.” For me, science is a limitation. (You can watch Clint Eastwood gruffly, intensely, and melodramatically deliver this line here followed by a distant and equally intense six second stare.

I’m taking SC 200 because I was looking for a science gen ed that wouldn’t hurt my feelings. My Honors Biology class freshman year was all types of intimidating, and as such, science has always been touch and go with me. I hated wearing those aprons during sophomore year chemistry experiments. Conservation of energy doesn’t make sense to me. I hate wearing safety goggles. What the hell are lipids.

I was the type to fail the preliminary lab safety quiz, or lose out on the participation points for not having my lab apron on. Or accidentally break all of the Erlenmeyer flasks :/


I also tended to steal lab equipment from other groups for my groups experiment locker and personal benefit, which was highly discouraged, but its always good to keep a stash.

So, when I learned I could take a science class where I could think and discuss and probe and ask questions and do anything other than wear safety goggles or keep data tables, I was all for it.   I am a freshman journalism major here at Penn State, which is as far as it gets from science in most cases, and I plan on getting a business minor as well!

I’m looking forward to a science class where I don’t have to mingle with a lab partner that I don’t know, and I’m soooo excited that Bunsen burners, hot hands, and anything glass won’t be on hand for me to break this semester. Can’t wait to hear Andrew’s accent for 2-3 hours every week, (which isn’t “sexy” per se, but refreshing for sure).


2 thoughts on “I have a long history of breaking or stealing lab equipment, SC 200 will be my safe haven

  1. Ademilola Esther Badejo

    It’s okay. I stole my Chemistry book in 10th grade because I was so sure I would need it the following year. I haven’t opened it since and have been using it as a coaster. Lord forgive me. Here is a funny video for learning lab rules. I enjoyed reading your post.

    x Demi

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