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Hi everyone, my name is Charlotte and I’m from Montgomery NJ. I’m a freshman and right now my major is special education but recently I’ve thought about switching to a different major. I chose education because I wanted to do something where I felt like I was helping people, and after working here for the past few summers I developed an interest in helping people with special needs. One of the reasons I chose education was actually because I knew it didn’t involve any challenging math or science courses. It’s not that I don’t like science, I’m just not good at it. I was never able to grasp any of the concepts and I would always get confused about the math that was involved


BUT in science’s defense, the science teaching staff in my school are horrible. I did take one year of science that I liked, which was environmental science. That is why I chose to take this class, because although hesitant about science the course description sounded interesting so I thought i would give science another chance!

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  1. hea5068

    I was pretty hesitant too when looking for a “science” GE, but learning such significant things around you that you had no idea how they related to science is quite enjoyable and important. The link below is small reasons of why I’m looking forward to this class. Hope some of these spark some more excitement towards this class.
    (couldn’t figure out how to hyperlink within the comment section sorry)

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