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Hi everyone, my name is TJ Garvin and I’m from Doylestown, Pennsylvania and went to La Salle College High School. I’m a freshman currently in the division of undergraduate studies yet aspiring to be in Smeal to major in business finance. I am not a science major primarily because of my high school biology class which was not very fun at all. Also,  I’ve never really been the most cautious guy in a lab setting. I like interacting and learning about people rather than performing tests on specific elements. However it is for that exact reason why I am taking SC200! I’m intrigued to learn about how science can impact all of humanity and explain seemingly unexplainable things!

I like sports and love the science behind it. I am really trying to figure out why the Eagles cant win a Super Bowl, so I could really use some help on that. Wentz baby! I think its essential to know at least a little science as a foundation to have a successful sports team. I enjoy watching the facts from the “Sports Science” segment on ESPN, but I really hate the guy who hosts it, click here for his twitter.



I’m really excited for this SC200 class and cant wait to learn more about how science affects our everyday life!

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  1. sbh5327

    Hi Tj, I’m Shannon. I am also in DUS headed towards business. The eagles are okay I guess, but I actually prefer the Broncos and was SO happy when they won the super bowl for 2015. I definitely agree with you when you say the science behind sports is interesting especially sports medicine. A common sports injury in football is a torn ACL so here you can say an animated version of an ACL surgery:

  2. Spencer John Pereless

    What’s up Tj. I’m Spencer and I’m from a town about 45 minutes away from New York City. Although I’m that close to the city I have somehow grown up as an Eagles fan even though my whole family consists of Giants fans. Although us Eagles fans have never seen them win a super bowl, we have gotten pretty close. Believe it or not I was at the game when Desean Jackson returned the punt to win the game, which was probably one of the best moments of my life thus far. Just in case you forgot what that looked like, here is a little reminder to brighten your day :

  3. cjr5625

    Hey TJ!
    My name is Chris Ronkainen and I am also in DUS and pursuing a finance major. As a sophomore I would like to say make sure to take all of your prerequisite business classes seriously, and see if you could see yourself doing something in that field for the rest of your life. After taking Accounting 211 I quickly realized that it was no longer my top choice. Anyways, enough of my boring life advice. I too am a large Eagles fan. Our preseason is going well once again, hopefully it carries into the regular season this time! I figured I’d share an article that analyzes the most recent Eagles vs. Colts game. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

  4. amc7110

    Hi Tj. My name is Anthony Calligaro and I’m in pretty much the same situation you’re in. As of now, I am in the Division of Undergraduate Studies and am hoping to be in Smeal College of Business, but I don’t know which major I would choose yet. I’m a big Eagles fan as well, but I’m not as big of a Wentz fan as you may be. Hopefully I’m wrong! I think the guy who does Sports Science on ESPN is annoying too, but here
    is a Sports Science video comparing Wentz and Goff to other QBs:

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