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My name is Darcy Pacheco and I am from Dallas, Texas. This year I am an incoming freshman as well as a journalism major in the College of Communications. Ever since my freshman year of high school I discovered my passion for writing and have stuck with it ever since. Science has never particularly been my forte which is why I am not planning on having a science major. Even though science majors tend to make a larger income than journalists, I want to pursue something I thoroughly enjoy and am engaged in. I find journalism so interesting because it is not only a means for me to express my creativity, but an opportunity for my voice to be heard and pursue the truth. Click here to read more about why journalism is very important to our society. In the long run, I would absolutely loathe having a career that would not make me happy. SC200 appealed to me because I liked the analysis and writing component of the class.This class combines my love of writing with my love of learning which makes it the perfect class for me in my opinion. I also find science to be interesting in the sense that it tends to be very thought provoking at times. This is why science is the root of important problems in our world today such as climate change, etc.



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  1. omf3

    Hi Darcy,
    I’m in the College of Communications also and I understand completely where you’re coming from with your view and passion in journalism. I was on my high school newspaper staff and something I truly realized with the importance of journalism is letting the truth be known and simply making honest opinions. I wish you the best in pursuing such a truly fulfilling major and career!

  2. Xander Roker

    Hey Darcy, my names Xander and I am also a journalism major! I thought it was really cool to see another journalism major taking this class. I read the article you linked and agree that journalism still has many uses. Although I am majoring in journalism I’m pursuing minors in business to try to get the most out of my journalism degree! If you read <a href="content"this to read about how one could use a journalism background in business!

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