Just don’t want learn science

Hello everyone. My name is Pengji Wei. And my american name is Peter. I took 14 hours flight from Beijing to here. And some people might think this flight is crazy long and boring. But I think I am already used to this, because I used to study in Fort Lauderdale Florida for high school for four years. So after 4 years I think I already used to the jet lag. Ok,,,back to the topic…. In Penn State, I am currently in DUS now, because I am still not sure what do I want do after I graduate. But now I am thinking between the Business major or Communication major. And the reason why I am doing this course because I do not think that any other science class are fit me better. Because I think Business or Communication major do not need really high level science class such as Physics. Because I DO NOT like Physics at all. That is why I chose this class. And I do not think I am going to major in any Science. Because when I was in high school in florida, I took honors biology, physics and chemistry at the same year. And I also joined the school’s robotics club which is really fun. But when all these really really hard courses add together, it is not fun at all. Basically I have to study for my school works till midnight, also still need to build the robot. ┬áSo all team members spend tons of hours at night just want to finish building the robot on time. And there is on song is perfectly described us.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NX2kR-L0w60

So from that, I knew that the science major is gonna be so hard. But I really enjoys the promotion part in the team. So when I turn to my senior year in high school, I chose Micro and Macro economics instead of AP physics. And during those economics class, I really learned a lot with my teacher, and everyone in that class loves that teacher , so we really had a lot fun in that class. I think that is also why I want choose the business major instead of science.

But I believe I will definitely enjoy and do well in this class. So I am really looking forward to have this class with you guys.


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