Physics, biology and chemistry, oh no

Hi, my name is Justine Gaines and I am planning on majoring in public relations and minoring in business. To be honest, science really just isn’t my thing. It’s not that I was bad at it in high school, I just didn’t enjoy it as much as many other different subjects. As I was looking at the academic plan for a PR major, I noticed that I had to take some kind of a science course in order to declare my major. I really did not want to take a biology, physics or chemistry course due to the fact that they are difficult, confusing and not what I am interested in at all. I was worried about what I should do and decided to talk to my advisor and explain to her my situation and see if there was any way that I could get out of taking a science class. She informed me that I did in fact have to take a science since it was a required GenEd class for my intended major. We browsed through many different science courses and finally came across SC200, which she told me was the perfect course for someone who does not like science! I read the short description under the course and knew that it would be a super interesting class that would cover topics that I have always been curious about. After the first day of class and upon reading the syllabus, I was instantly reassured that this was the class for me. I was super intrigued by the topics and I can’t wait to learn more and become a better critical thinker because of this class. As it was probably clearly stated before, I am not planning to be a science major simply because it is not what I am most interested in. I think science can be very interesting and is essential to our lives but I would much rather base my profession around something that I am more passionate about, which is unfortunately not science. One topic that I am anxious and excited to learn about in this class is if a zombie virus could exist. I know that the topic is super strange, but I have always been curious about zombies and if a zombie apocalypse could really happen. This topic also immediately intrigued me because I used to watch The Walking Dead TV show, which was based around a zombie virus. After watching the show and discovering more about zombies and a potential zombie virus, I have been seriously captivated and anxious to learn more about it.

Here is a photo from The Walking DeadTWD_603_GP_0604_0601-1200x794

A few days ago, as I was typing up this post, I found an article on the National Geographic website that detailed the possibility of a zombie virus. If you are interested in finding out a little bit more about a possible zombie apocalypse and/or a zombie virus click here, and read all about it!

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  1. Alexander Malcolm Felton

    Used to watch this show as well and I am so interested in this topic too. Can’t wait to talk about it in class. Definitely watch World War Z with Brad Pritt if you like this and like the walking dead. Here’s a link to the trailer of the movie… definitely a must see.

  2. rvs5567

    Hey! Nice to meet you! I completely agree, science was not my thing either. Oh my god, I completely agree. I liked Science but I wasn’t passionate about it. I was more into film. Woah I read that article, and thats crazy. I loved zombie movies but never knew that could actually happen. Here is

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