Hey guys!

My name is Mouni Mullapudi and I am from Boulder, Colorado. I am a Junior and I am taking my last science credit with this class! It’s exciting to finally finish my gen eds and to heavily focus on my current major which is Political Science. Of all the gen eds I took over the years, I truly loved all the science classes I took. I was introduced to a detailed specific world that I had no general knowledge to. I learned so much from the stars light years away to the bones that make up the human body; it was truly a journey to learn so much.

To say that my major isn’t science would be false. My major does not deal with hard science, but it focuses on soft science which is the social sciences of government, law, order, and the institutions that make a state. We do not conduct experiments on bacteria to understand the evolution of antibiotic sscience bitchuperbugs, but we do experiment on social aspects through surveys, data, observations, etc.

In a way, my major is completely different from the science major at Penn State, but it also has many similarities. I still have to learn to think and experiment like a “scientist,” though the material i work with is different.

I am super excited to spend my last science credit with this class, and i’m excited to meet you guys!!

P.S. a big part of balancing your classes is Time management. Procastination can really kill you!

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