Hi everyone, my nickname is Keanu and i am currently a senior majoring in philosophy at PSU. I am from Bangkok in Thailand. My first name is Dhaam, however Thai people do not usually go by their first name and it is more like a formal name that is rarely used unless it is for serious matter. So i would be more familiar with Keanu.

I am doing this course because i need a requirement in natural science and I do not like to study science. However, i do have interest in scientific progress but i simply do not want to understand the details because i do not have any plan on being an expert in it. Well my biggest interest in academics so far is philosophy and it is a reason why i am not in a science major. Although philosophy would be called social science because it is a form of science; mainly the science of life.

I used to study finance at the university of San Francisco during my freshmen year. I choose finance because i did not know which subject i liked and think it would come in handy if i were to do business. During my sophomore year, i happen to take one introductory class of philosophy and found out that I am having fun in thinking in this way. I also realized that philosophy was my thing because the way that i think about my life goes well with it. Moreover, i am now more curious about how well i can develop if i go all in into this major. Thus, i decided to change major and also transferred school to get a new life experience. Since i lived in the West Coast, i choose East and got into Penn state. So here i am now.

The link here are free ebooks that anyone can read online about philosophy and there are many philosophers and topics you guys can choose to dig in.

Here is an image of my favorite philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche

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Dhaam Sakuntabhai


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