Hi, my name is Astrid and I am from Guatemala. Science and math have never really been my thing, and honestly, i like to think that it is because I’m left handed (people say left-handed people tend to be more right-brained, you can read more about us left-handed people HERE ). In addition, ever since my freshmen year of high school when I took Biology, and was taught absolutely nothing, I’ve always been very distant from science overall. I’m a very artistic person and I love creating new things, so I believe the reason I was interested in taking this course was because I’ve always been intrigued by how things naturally come to be. I find it extremely interesting to learn about the way things grow, change, and/or evolve, and I do want to become more aware of what science is and how impacts my life. I also think that taking this course will later help me be a part of conversations I usually feel uncomfortable in, when it comes to any science topics.


However, I do not plan on being a science major because I enjoy drawing and designing more than I enjoy science. I am a strong believer that you will always succeed as long as you do what you love. I’ll put it this way: Science is like cooking… and i hate cooking, but I do think everyone should at least know the basics in order to survive.

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  1. Bernarda Jarrin Alvear

    Hi Astrid, I found your post interesting because I am left handed and I am a very artistic person as well. I think that I’m a right brained person since I am an artist and I’ve made lots of drawings and paintings since I was eight years old. I am particularly interested in drawing animals and things related to nature. Last year the central idea of my AP Art concentration was to to remind people of their insentience towards animal exploitation within their surroundings. With my drawing I demonstrated how every culture has a bond with a certain animal and has found a specific use for them. Even though I’m a Business major I agree with you that I enjoy more creative things instead.
    Here is a link I found about creative left-handed people 🙂

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