Science is eh

Hello everyone, I’m MacKenzie French. I’m a freshman from Manhattan Beach, California. Yes, I came 2,590 miles from home to go to this landlocked school. But, so far it has been the best decision of my life. I am currently undecided, but thinking of heading towards a business and psychology major; both of which have not much to do with science. When I was planning my schedule with my advisor at NSO she gave me a few suggestions for Gen Ed classes. After reading the description for this class, I decided it was the most interesting.


I have grown up taking science classes, did well and never really minded them, although I don’t see my future career as a science major. Senior year I took AP environmental science, which was intriguing to learn about the effects of the natural and unnatural processes that occur in our environment, but it was mainly memorizing facts and being tested on vocabulary instead of a class that engaged me in a meaningful way. I appreciate scientists and all that they accomplish, and I feel that this class will do a good job furthering that. I love to think about how the world was created, how our mind and medicines work, and just about every single topic on the possible blog topics list. I am excited to analyze and discuss science in a controversial way and challenge myself to think harder and more critically.

2 thoughts on “Science is eh

  1. Sarah Elizabeth Read

    Hey MacKenzie! It’s good to hear that you like Pennsylvania so far! I’m not from PA either, although I am used to East Coast winters! I thought about going to school in California, but then I decided it was better as a vacation destination for me at least. I too took AP Environmental my senior year of high school. For as much as I was intrigued my the idea of the class, I was also slightly disappointed at the end when I came away having no new-found passion for science. I’m thinking that unlike most of the science experience we’ve had, we’ll be able to walk away from the course and think about science in a harder and more critical way.

  2. Victor William Gregory

    Hey MacKenzie, my name’s Victor. I’m also in DUS and also took AP Environmental Science my senior year. I was disappointed when we spent a majority of the time memorizing rather than developing the thoughts and idea;s that could one day change the way we conserve energy. I also couldn’t agree more with your statement about being excited to analyze and discuss science in a controversial way. Attached is an article about teaching younger children how to develop critical thinking skills. Maybe if people start off at a younger age they’ll be able to have a better understanding and desire to lear science than we do.

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