Science, It’s not you, it’s me ….Nah, jk, it’s definitely you.


Hi my name is Stephanie.

I am a sophomore majoring in Political Science with a double in Women’s Studies and minoring in African American Studies. Needless to say, I am a very humanities and social sciences type of girl. I’m not going to proclaim I HATE science per say, but definitely hate science class, because It doesn’t interests me. I think the last time I had a genuine interests in anything ‘science-y’ was when we got to watch this guy in class:

Image result for bill nye the science guy

So that was what? Elementary school.

Let me elaborate. I like debate, open decorum, questions with no wrong answers, personal narratives and other things that have a direct connection to the lives of people. So the sort of work that I did in my science classes never really intrigued me; studying of genes, laws of physics, chemical elements and etc, yuck. I tend to, like most people, excel in the things I am interested in. For that reason I’ve always been really good at subjects similar to my majors and struggle to grasp scientific and math concepts.

In light of this post. here’s a video (hilariously) describing my problem with science:

With that said, however I do recognize the extreme importance of science. Often I am saddened by the terrible way science is taught in the United States. HERE is an article that pretty much sums up my qualms about science education in school.

So that brings me to SC 200. I took the class because the description read to me that this class will foster an appreciation for science for “non-science related majors” and that’s what I am hoping to gain by the end of the semester in a nutshell. I am not looking forward to learning something specific. I just need to not be so afraid/intimidated by the idea of taking science classes anymore, and I hope that is what this course can do for me.

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  1. kko5062

    Hey Stephanie! As I was reading your blog post I realized we have so much in common, and I definitely agree with the fact that science is extremely important but the way that it’s taught in the United States is flawed. I think it sucks that so many people are drawn away from it just because of bad experiences with it in middle school and high school. I was reading this article that I’ll link at the end that argued that attitudes like “It’s okay to be bad at science, everyone has their strengths and weaknesses” actually hurts students because it gives them a sense of comfort about their struggle with the subject. Sadly, I am definitely one of these people. Although I recognize that it’s a crucial aspect to the advancement of society as a whole, I don’t think I’ll be partaking in the advancing as much as I’ll be watching in awe from the side.

    Article –

    1. Stephanie Keyaka Post author

      Hey K! – you didn’t leave your name so that’s what I am going with (LOL)

      Thank you for the link, it was a very interesting read. Plus I’m glad we have things in common!

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