Science & Its wonders

Hi Science 200! My name is Julia Martini and I live in a small town in Bergen County New Jersey. I am currently a freshman in the communication school and majoring in advertising/PR but I don’t really know what I want to do yet so I should actually be undecided. Science has never been a strong subject of mine. I only passed chemistry and physics because of the many after school review sessions I attended. My most proud science moment was coming in 1st out of 98 kids for my egg drop project. The egg sat in only paper and tape and didn’t crack when I dropped it from 12 feet high. I know. I killed the game. Although I didn’t succeed much in my science classes I feel that this class will be better because it’s more than just memorizing formulas and facts. In this class we think outside of the norm and ponder what may be real in this world. For example knowing that I share 60% of the same items that make a banana. I wouldn’t know that fact if it weren’t for this class.


Fun Fact: Never seen a full episode of this show.

I enjoy science because it makes me wonder. I chose this class because I think the conspiracy theories and unknown in science will draw me in. What intrigues me the most is space. I cannot comprehend the limits in outer space and if there may be another world with life on it. Click HERE and read about if there is other signs of life not on earth and comment what your opinion is. One of my favorite things to do is to lay on my back and look up at the stars. They are more fascinating to me than planets.


Even though the chances of this picture being photoshopped are high. I still think it’s pretty cool to look at.

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