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Hi! My name is Angie Napolitano. I’m a freshman from Bucks County, Pennsylvania. I’m majoring in Marketing (most likely). My brother graduated from PSU about six years ago and he is still soo in love with it. He got a fantastic job before even finishing college so it’s sort of because of him that this school was even on my radar (besides of course, the PSU logo being so common in Pennsylvania that you see it more than the Nike logo). Six years later and we’re still buying him PSU gear for Christmas. I am very, very glad that I chose to come here. So far it’s been fantastic and the classes seem to have a lot to offer, particularly SC 200.

Honestly, I was never a big fan of science classes.  I knew I would never be able to be a science major. It’s just not something I could ever see myself having a career in. I love science, I think it’s absolutely fascinating, but science taught in school was Hell on Earth. I had maybe one good science teacher in all my years of public school, and that was 6th grade Biology. Biology has always been the one science I was actually decent at and found fun. I want to learn more about the history of life and how it functions than I do about the equations and numbers of Physics and the technical bits of Chemistry. So, I chose to take this class. I heard about it because it was on a list of good classes for non-science majors to take that the student advisers at Smeal gave me.   I love to think about the extensive possibilities for life and innovation that we could discover in the coming years. I want to hear about what discoveries are being made every day, I do NOT want to hear about any equations on how to find the velocity of a tennis ball. Sorry, I just do not care about that.

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I’m always fascinated to hear about what’s been happening in the medical world, and what kind of potentially world-changing, life saving ideas are being thought of every day. I found this one very recent article here about how an ultrasound was used to jump start a coma patient’s brain! Cool huh?

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  1. lkv5058

    I couldn’t agree more that science is interesting if taught the right way. I had the same experience in that very few, if any, of my science classes interested me in high school. I also will not be pursuing a career in science, but I think this class can help with critical thinking skills that will help us in any career field. Check out this article that shows all the ways it can help you succeed.
    Thanks for sharing your story and that interesting article.

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