Science was never my thing

Hi everyone, my name is Tommy Moore and I am a freshman from Bucks County, Pennsylvania. I am currently in DUS, but I hope to eventually end up in Smeal majoring in something business related. My mom went to Penn State, and since I was little there was really no question of where I wanted to attend school. I am very passionate about sports, especially basketball, and football. I am also an avid watcher of The Office, hence this next picture. Michael scott

Science was never my thing, from elementary school, to middle school, to high school my least favorite subject was always science. Part of it might be the way it was taught to me, and part of it may be how I’m wired. It was always one of my hardest classes, especially in high school with chemistry and anatomy. This may have also contributed to my general dis-interest in the subject. Despite this, I understand the profound impact science plays in our society, and that it is present everywhere. One facet of science that has always fascinated me is how science relates to sports, given my extreme interest in sports. I learned of the many ways sports and science can be related by watching sports science on ESPN. Here is a sports science video describing my favorite NBA player, Kyrie Irving’s quickness.

I chose this class because my NSO advisor was describing it as a great science gen-ed for me to take, once I expressed my distaste for science. She described it as a science course that many kids who go in disliking science end up liking the subject by the end of the semester. I am hoping to get the same result from this class, and so far all signs point to that becoming a reality hopefully.



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    I too share an interest in sports and the science behind it! For basketball in particular one of the most interesting sites I have come across was NBA wowy, it’s a site that gives advanced statistics for all 30 teams, that shows statistics for each NBA player based on the other players on the court with him. It is very interesting to look at which lineups have been most efficient for teams and which have been the most inefficient .

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