Science… You Suck

Hi, my name is Jackson Hope and I am currently a freshman from Northern New Jersey.  I am entering Penn State as an undecided student with hopes to pursue a career in the field of business.  I have a huge passion for sports as I was a three sport athlete in high school. I participated in baseball, basketball, and football.  I am a huge fan of the New York Giants and Yankees and I was even lucky enough to play a game at MetLife stadium and get the same turf on my cleats as Odell Beckham Jr. I also have a passion for food, especially a nice medium rare steak.



My sister is a pre med major at Syracuse University and every time she gets into a conversation with my parents about Organic Chemistry or the charge of Magnesium, I ultimately end up leaving the room in a worse mood. I understand that there are scientists out there inventing new medicine to cure diseases and I am extremely fortunate for that, however, I get bored to tears when thinking about the periodic table, looking through microscopes, and I find it gross pulling out the small intestine of a cow. IT’S JUST NOT FOR ME!

Although some parts of science make me want to gouge my eyes out, there are other pieces that interest me.  For example, the exit speed of a ball departing the bat of Josh Donaldson, a slugger for the Toronto Blue Jays. Or, how fast LeBron James sprints down the court to block a shot click here. These are the sort of things I find interest in, and I am hoping this course will open up my mind to a completely different kind of thinking. I want to think critically and as the years goes on I want to start creating conversations and raising questions about new topics.  I have extremely high expectations for myself and this course and am excited to expand my critical thinking ability.

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  1. Kyle Thomas Finnerty

    Hello Jackson! I noticed your middle name was Grey and thought that was pretty cool. I am also a big fan of meat and found your periodic table of it to be quite comical. We share many of the same struggles and opinions on science so it seemed appropriate for me to comment on your post. I am also a big football fan, except for the Eagles not the Giants. I noticed that you said you wanted to think critically this year about science so I figured I would drop a link in here for you to watch and get start. It’s amazing to think critically about all the moving parts happening a play like this. Enjoy!

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