Hi my name is Anna Strahle, and I am currently a sophomore. I am undecided but thinking of majoring in marketing. I am taking this class because over the summer I had to last minute switch around my entire schedule to fit a specific course, and this was the course with the best ratings. People said to take SC200 if you don’t like science, and that is definitely me.

I didn’t mind taking science classes throughout most of my years of school until junior year of high school when I needed to take chemistry. I didn’t understand the concepts, and my teacher never explained the information and would just expect us to understand what she was saying. My parents didn’t want me to drop down to the lower level, so overall it was a very stressful experience which set me off of all science subjects in the future. funny-dwight-schrute-quote

So far I really enjoy this class, and I really like how Andrew says that if we don’t like a topic we can suggest a new one. I think that most professors don’t think like that, so I feel like the material is going to be very interesting. One part of science that I think is really cool is nutrition because I like to cook. Click here for a link to my favorite apple crisp recipe.

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  1. Abigail

    I definitely agree with you! I like simple science, especially science that closely relates to my life such as health and nutrition. My high school chemistry hated me because I spent most of class talking to my friends and messing around with the bunsen burner. In hindsight, probably shouldn’t have done that. I love cooking too! I miss making s’mores with bunsen burners!

    I am also really bad with technology apparently and can’t figure out how to link this in the comment format.

    Here is one of my favorite easy recipes!

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