Hey fellow SC200 takers,

My name is Melanie Campos, i am a senior studying here at Penn State but originating from Los Angeles, California. I transferred to main campus my junior year of college after attending the Behrend branch; which is located in Erie, for the first two years. Although i grew to love Erie’s beautiful sunsets and the amazing sense of community, i much prefer the learning environment here in Happy Valley. The reason i have ended up in a SC200 course my senior year of college is simply because the sciences, such as biology and chemistry have never been my forte. Behrend was a much smaller campus with a limited amount of courses, therefore i decided to wait until i transferred to University Park to take my remaining science course. This course seemed like a decent fit for someone like me, who does not particularly excel in science classes like chemistry or biology. This course offered more of an exploratory outlook on the topic of science which is something that in fact does interest me quite a bit.

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I am a criminology major, therefore science is imbedded in my field, but not as much as people would assume it is. It in fact depends on the type of career you are looking for. The following TED Talk helps explain where the field of criminology is headed and where it stands today. I do not plan on becoming a science major simply because the type of science that is included in my field is not one that goes much past data analysis. I plan on doing something with law enforcement once i graduate or continuing on to graduate school. Once this class is over, I plan to leave the intricate parts of science out of my life  and focus only on the intriguing parts of it, like the ones we have discussed so far in SC200.


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