That Science Class thooo

Hello guys, what is up? My name is Reetu Shah and I am majoring in Film with a minor in Business. I love around King of Prussia. So I took this class because I needed a science gen ed. I didnt drop this class because I thought it was really interesting. This isn’t one of those stupid classes where its just about regurgitating the information onto a test. I am kind of scared for the challenge because I am trying to kill it in all my other classes, but you know what… why not? And hell, out teacher was on Med Ted Talk so you cant really find anyone better than that.
I personally did always enjoy science. Many people in my family were in the sciend field, so I have grown up reading those types of books. Every magaine in my house is a Science magazine. Its actually pretty insane. I was especially into the environment. I was the biggest eco freak. (That is what I called myself). So in the first semester of college I decided to major in Environmental Engineering/Science. (I couldn’t decide between the 2). Then once I tried to memorize these Chemical compounds and I was just like damn. I can definitely do this, but I am not passionate about it. So I went to Business and now am majoring in Film. I like Science, but I am not that passionate about it.


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