Too Fab for a Lab

Hello, everyone! My name is Daniele Loney and I’m from Erie, PA. I’m in the Smeal College of Business and I’m hoping to study Finance, which is why I ended up in this class. I needed a science gen. ed. that was manageable and interesting, since my GPA needs to be a 3.5 by junior year for me to be admitted into my desired major. I am all about challenging myself, but I figured I should take a safer academic route and not include chem and bio labs in my freshman year of college…. especially if it wasn’t mandatory.


Throughout high school, I had always thought that I would be a science FREAK in college and study Pharmacy. Clearly, this didn’t end up happening. I tried to set myself up for success by taking AP Chem my junior year of high school so that by my senior year I could be in organic chem. Long story short, organic chem never happened because I have absolutely no patience. Let me explain: throughout AP Chem labs, I realized that in order to do experiments correctly, you must have precise attention to detail. Additionally, formal lab reports take a while to compose, and in order to have the right data, you have to be able to follow directions… which also doesn’t appeal to me much (I promise I’m a good person). About halfway through that school year I decided I would never be a pharmacist if it meant I had to go through 5+ more years of chem labs and reports… and that was honestly okay with me. So, in summary, I am blaming AP chemistry for giving me the idea that I don’t want to study science in college. I definitely enjoy it and learning how everything around us is related to science, though, and that is why I am so excited to be in SC200 with all of you!

HERE¬†you can see the type of scientist I wish I would put enough work into being…. but for now, I guess SC200 will suffice… I guess it isn’t so bad. Have a great week everyone!!!!!!


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