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Science is cool, but numbers are boring

Hey, I’m Brian Cunningham.
I’ve always been interested in the way the world works, and the ways the world COULD work in the future depending on how things happen. That being said, I’ve always been more on the sensible description vs. the mathematical calculation to determine those sorts of things. As a result of that, I hardly even considered the idea of majoring in science simply due to the requirements in math and calculations that I would get too bored and distracted to complete thoroughly. However, I’m hoping this course takes a look at the side which I prefer, and simply uses the ideas of science in the world around us to explain things, as opposed to predictions based on equation after equation.
So I’m happy to skip all of the research and concise formulations of hypotheses to just look at what it actually means to me, and why.
Also, if you’re looking for a great show with no boring math or equations involved, check out It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Best show on TV. And it’s on Netflix.


I am in this course for a few reasons. I am not really a science person. I never did well in chemistry, biology, or physics. I have a creative thinking type of mind and I always felt science was very much learning about things and memorizing them. However I do find a lot of things interesting like does a zombie virus exist or how deep is time(like thats crazy?? zombies??). I don’t plan on being a science major because I do not think i have the thought process of thinking of something no one has thought before. http://isittuesday.co.uk/


The Struggle

Hey everyone,

My name is Jordan and I’m from State College. The title of this post “The Struggle” is a quick summary of all my past science classes. I have never been one to like science, but I need one more science class in order to graduate. This science class is the only thing between me and my degree. I am going to work hard to turn my past struggles in science classes to success in this one.

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Science is cool, when you get it…


Hi everyone,

My name is Lindsay Jimeson. I am a senior, majoring in CAS and WMST. I was born and raised in State College, so PSU has been in my blood from day one! One little thing about me is thatI am a returning adult student! I have a degree in spa managment and I also have my own small business. I wanted to go back to Penn State becuse it was always a dream of mine since I was a little girl. It took me 12 years to finally get back into school after my first degree, and although I’m a senior, I can say I still get nervous on the first day!

I love the body and totaly get into sports performance and physical training. Given that, there is a lot of science related to that. It can be anything from your daily diet, to learning how to tape an athletes hand before going into play. So nedless to say, science plays a big rols in how my mind is shaped on a daily basis! Another thing I love is being outdoors and being surrounded by nature. There is nothing better than going out into the woods with some friends and exploring!

Another way I invest a lot of my life with science is my love of water sports. I just might be the only person in PA who ownes a surfbord, not to mention numerous kayaks and hopefully a paddle board in the near furture! The whole idea of ocean currents, how it moves it simply amazing and not taken for granted. Along with that is the flow of rivers and channels that are consistanly changing based on floods and droughts… and also how the environment around them both changes on the daily!

Lastly, animals have and will always be a love of mine. I have to fur babies of my own who are incredibly spoiled, yet somehow, they have learned my patterns and have adapted to my crazy lifestyle over the past few years! They are smarter than what most would think! They know the sound of my car when I pull in the drive and also will be waiting, looking out the front window, expecting me to be home at my normal times. I have even set up a camera just to see what they do while Im away! Pretty Funny Stuff!!!!

In closing, Science is great and all around us, I totally get it! I just wish I knew how to apply it a little better in my daily life, and even help my family do the same! I am also posting a picture of my pups because, why not! I hope this class makes it easier for me to articulate and understand how great science can be, not only for myself but others as well. I also hope I get a little more creative with my blogs, the struggle is real! Thanks for your time and attention with my 1st blog, see you all in class!  P.s. Can’t get my link up so heres what I got, better than nothing! Sorry 🙁


I Love Science

Hi everyone my name is Joshua Righter and I’m from York, Pennsylvania.  I am currently a senior, who is studying accounting.  I plan on getting my CPA, and we will see where I go from there.

I am taking this course, because I needed to fufill my last science credit for graduation.  I chose this specific science course, because I’ve had friends, who have taken this course, and they reccomended I take this class.  I am not planning to be a science major because of two reasons.  One being I am a senior and an accounting major.  Now, it is a little too late to change majors if I wanted to graduate on time.  A second reason being, I have never done well in science courses I have taken in my entire learning career.  This doesn’t mean I don’t like science.  I find science very interesting to learn about, but I have always had teachers/professors, who require you to memorize and regurgitate facts.  Judging from reading the syllabus and what Prof. Read has said already in class so far, this will not be the case.  This is what makes me excited to be enrolled in this course.  I already know I will actually learn something from this course, and not just forgetting what I learned months after the course ends.

I have always had a bunch of questions about science that I have never looked into yet, such as these.  This course is perfect for learning about these unanswered questions in science.

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Not My Cup of Tea

Hi everyone, my name is Zach Kaplan and I’m from Needham, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston. I am a freshman majoring in broadcast journalism. To be honest, a large part of the reason I found this course was online research into “gen ed” classes that would be interesting, especially in science. I wanted to take classes my first semester of college that would make me think and see the world in a different lens than before. I found a description of SCI 200 ironically in a different blog. The line that grabbed my attention was: “This is more of a thinking-based class rather than a formula plugging class. If you still aren’t sold, I’m told the professor has an awesome accent.” (Onward State, March 21, 2013). The first week of class certainly confirmed both of those ideas. It has been eye-opening to finally have an educator in science who understands what students truly need to know about the subject if they are not choosing a scientific career path.

When deciding my major, I knew I wanted to become a journalist, a passion I followed through high school and will continue to at Penn State.  I want to cover sports, because they make a difference in people’s lives and I have a passion for them. As a result, I am not a science major because I do not have any expertise in science and I struggled throughout high school in most of my science classes. I had great science teachers in 6th and 7th grade who I still visit to this day, but after that it was all downhill. I took biology, physics and chemistry in high school, and each year my patience continued to grow thin, to the point where I chose not to take a science course my senior year.

While I don’t have a vested interest, I am curious to learn more about our world and become more open-minded towards science that will impact my generation and our every-day lives. Many of the discussion topics from the schedule attached to the syllabus seem incredibly interesting and engaging and I look forward to discussing these topics in class. Science has and will continue to change lives in the future. While the subject matter taught in schools is often useless, I look forward to diving into important, controversial and interesting discussions this semester. I end this blog post with a meme with one of the most well-known scientists in the field at the moment, Neil DeGrasse Tyson. Here’s to a great semester in Sci 200.



Sports are Better than Science

Hi guys my name is Dylan Huberman and like most of you, science and I have never gotten along. I have always loved sports, both playing and watching, and my life wouldn’t be the same without them. I merged that with my other interests, television and journalism, and have been set to pursue a career in sports journalism as a broadcaster, writer or maybe a little of both.

Getting to my interest in taking this course, I have always found science interesting but not the way it was taught in schools, which is something horrible like this. However, I love ethical dilemmas and learning the differences between fact and fiction (at least my inner journalist does). SC 200 gives me an opportunity to actually somewhat enjoy a science class for once in my life and actually learn something that I may actually come across once I complete the course.

That being said, in all honesty, I just am not that interested in science. Learning about the elements on the periodic table or attempting to melt a piece of metal with some mixture cooked up in a lab doesn’t float my boat. I’d rather watch people do crazy things like this and get paid to write/talk about it. That’s just what I love and although some physicist out there has probably come up with an equation that explains how Odell Beckham Jr. made this play, I just have zero interest in learning what it is.

Odell Beckham Jr.

Math and science; not for me

Hi Everyone, my name is Chloe Salvato and I’m from Westfield, NJ. I don’t necessarily hate science; in fact, I have a fond liking for it. Except, I do not have a math / science brain, which is why I ended up here. I am a freshman in the College of Communications, with an intended major in advertising. I have to receive a 3.3 GPA by my junior year so I definitely did not want to take physics, chemistry, or biology. But, I plan on minoring in nutrition which involves some science unfortunately. Furthermore, there are many different areas of concentration in advertising, which is partially why I am interested in it. I am hoping to get involved with either the entertainment or the food aspect of advertising. Originally I was in the DUS program, but after giving some thought as to what I enjoy, the two things that popped into my mind were pop culture and food/ eating healthy. But, I definitely do not want to become a TV show host, I want to be more “behind the scenes.” This is why I hope that advertising will be the right path for me. I also don’t want to become a chef, but I want to be mindful of how certain foods can affect the body. I also just love food in general. I have always been a huge foodie, except I didn’t start eating healthy and realizing how important it is until about 8 months ago. Once I changed my diet and started exercising, eating healthy became a true passion of mine and I now have a greater appreciation for food. Click here to learn about why eating healthy is so important!


Basically, I chose this class because it’s based upon critical thinking, and rather than scientific math equations. Although, I didn’t do poorly in my math or science classes, but I certainly did struggle a lot. It took A LOT of time and effort for me to understand something so simple. I’d rather play on my strengths, rather than my weaknesses.

Introduction to the Vastness of the Cosmos

Hello! My name is Sean Kyle Reilly, a Junior who just transferred into Pennsylvania State University this fall.

Science is by far one of the most important fields of study we pursue as human beings. Although at times controversial, the studies of science give us much needed insight and truths on matters either well known or completely unknown as a whole. It is for this reason that I am taking this course – because I enjoy reading about the latest scientific findings and am excited to see where the fields of science take us over the course of my lifetime. And I also needed one more science class to graduate. But I do deeply enjoy the scientific process of uncovering the unknown and revisiting the previously known. I have, among many people, one man in particular to thank for my interest in science – Carl Sagan.

Carl Sagan

Carl Sagan, Renowned Astronomer and Astrophysicist who inspired many greats, such as Neil deGrasse Tyson.

“But Sean,” you may be asking, “If you enjoy science so much, why don’t you major in it?” Well Reader, When it comes to equations, I am not exactly the fastest at solving them, nor am I the best, and feel as though other people would do a substantially better job than me thriving in those fields. I am currently majoring in History and plan on going into the education field – where I feel as though my talents are much more useful as a whole being a critical and curious individual who loves to speak and share ideas.

With that said, I look forward to giving updates on this blog throughout the year, and will leave everyone with this great video to watch titled “Pale Blue Dot”. The Pale Blue Dot is a reference to a photo taken by the Voyager 1 Spacecraft when it was instructed, by Sagan,  to turn around and try to take a photo of the Earth as it flew in a part of space where we would be minutely visible – if at all. The result inspired Sagan to give multiple speeches, write a book titled Pale Blue Dot: A Vision of the Human Future in Space, and was made reference to in Neil deGrasse Tyson’s revitalization of the Cosmos television series.

“The Earth is a very small stage in a vast cosmic arena.” – Carl Sagan


Hi everyone! My name is Kate Billings and I’m a freshman from Wayne, Pennsylvania, which is about thirty minutes outside of Philadelphia. I’m currently in the Division of Undergraduate Studies. I am not sure what I want to major in yet but I’m very interested in Psychology and Human development. I will most likely transfer into the health and human development school or the liberal arts school. Science and math have always been my least favorite subjects in school ever since I can remember.I have always hated science a little more than math, and didn’t want to take a biology, chemistry or physics class in college so my advisor recommended that I look at this class. I have no plans on being a science major and need a science gen-ed so this class seemed like a good fit. When I read the description I thought it was very intruiging and would help me work on my critical thinking skills.

I think in this class we will learn about interesting concepts and think about science in a new way. I have always felt that the way science is taught in High School isn’t taught effectively. All throughout my years in High School I was just memorizing formulas, people and vocabulary without really understanding concepts. click here to read more about how the way we approach teaching science isn’t effective.


science class

Why I am not the next Albert Einstein


I’m Katelyn Bowers from northern Virginia.  Right now i’m undecided in my major but I’ve ruled out anything science or math related. I think this has much to do with my prior schooling, in middle and high school.  They were always my worst subjects and it had a lot to do with how they were taught, especially science.  I understand that science can be fun and interesting but it often depends much on the teacher and mine most definitily did not make science have this impression on me.  Having been scarred from my previous earth science, chem, physics, and bio classes I decided science was not for me.  If we’re being honest the reason I’m in this class is because I need a science Gen Ed, but all of us being non science majors in a science class, I’m sure that’s why most of us are.


Science Excitement

Hi everyone!

My name is Colleen McShea and I’m a freshman from Philadelphia (yes, ACTUALLY from northeast Philadelphia, not an hour outside of Philly!). I’m in DUS at the moment because I’m way too indecisive to choose what I would like to do for the rest of my life. Just like the rest of you, I was told to take this class because of the fact that I was never really into science. To be honest, I was never any good at it, which is why I am not planning to be a science major. The only science class I can honestly say held my interest was my anatomy/physiology class in my senior year of high school. Despite my past feelings about science, I am pretty excited about this class because I feel as if we will be taking a whole new approach to science and I’m hoping that just maybe I’ll start to enjoy the subject a little more! I hope the same happens for all of you as well! Good luck in your first semester 🙂


This is my three year old nephew, Beckett, who has just overcome his third open heart surgery! Beckett was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, also known as hlhs, which means that the left side of his heart is completely underdeveloped. His first surgery was done at just 13 hours old, the second at 5 months, and the third was done on August 17th. The surgeries reconstructed pathways and rerouted the blood to the right side of his heart so it could be pumped out to his body. Today he is a strong, happy, healthy little man! I always enjoy sharing his story because he is the strongest little boy I’ve ever met and he makes me proud to be his aunt 🙂

Last but not least, here is a video of my high school cheerleading team on ESPN after winning second in the nation in 2013.

Not a Big Fan of Science

Hello everyone, my name is Greg Belluscio. I am a freshman from Rumson, New Jersey as a prospective finance major, I am taking SC200 in order to broaden my understanding of science as much as possible without focusing on one topic per semester. I believe these blogs will help keep me up to date with what is happening in the scientific world and also, hopefully, improve my writing skills. Seeing Professor Andrews Ted Talk that he showed on the first day of class made me interested in SC200 because it gave us students a little bit of insight as to how he will teach the class.

I am not planning to be a science major because I never enjoyed the way high school science classes or labs were run. A teacher handing you directions to follow leaving no room to use the scientific method made science seem very boring to me. Hopefully the critical thinking aspect of this class could change the way I view science.

I Quite Like Science, I Just Like Writing Better.

Hello! My name is Madison Starr. I’m from Northern Virginia; just outside of D.C.. I’m a freshmen and a photojournalism major. Like some other people taking this class, I had to take a science class. I’ve always really liked science, and I’ve always done pretty well. However, after having the devil for a physics teacher last year, I decided I wanted a science class that was a bit more fun. This one came highly recommended.

When I was younger, there were many different jobs I thought I wanted. Anything from a teacher, to an archaeologist, and even a stay-at-home parent. However, when I was fifteen I took a creative writing class. I actually always hated writing, and shamefully took the class to meet girls. Writing ended up becoming a great love of mine. I’ve been published for poetry and prose since I was fifteen, I started running my own website filled with my writings at sixteen, and I wrote and self-published a book at seventeen. At eighteen, I won several photography contests with what I thought were shit iPhone photos. It was then I realized photojournalism might be for me.

If any of you lovely people might be interested in reading any of my writings or seeing my photography click hereIMG_9332


I’m not ashamed to admit that I couldn’t be a scientist, not even a mathematician. However, I could be the president of the United States of America in 2033. I could make history.

But, today, I’m Trae Morgan-White. I’m a freshman, I’m 18 years old, and I’m from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. No, I’m not a science major—I’m 99.9% sure those four hour chemistry and biology labs are mentally draining (like Purell is 99.9% guaranteed to kill germs on your hands). Instead, I’m majoring in digital and print journalism!

163667-L-LOI chose this class because I love controversy, and that’s the point of SC 200. Am I right? You don’t have to memorize Newton’s Laws or all parts of a cell. There’s no formulas. No experiments. Nothing. It’s anti-science in a science course, and ANTI is my favorite prefix (word to Rihanna).

Of course, science is everywhere, and it won’t go away. This course is for non-science majors; therefore, it was made for me. In addition, I’m very interested in sociology and other social sciences. I have some sort of addiction with observing the minds of humans. I’m just so deep.

I look forward to this class and the controversial topics we plan to explore. No matter how much science makes me want to itch, SC 200 will be interesting. Yup.

Science Isn’t My Thing

Hi everyone!

My name is Elsa Breakey and I’m currently a freshman from Pittsburgh, PA. I am in the Division of Undergraduate Studies but I hope to get into Smeal and pursue some type of business degree – not totally sure what that will be yet. I chose this course because I needed to fulfill the science requirement and there wasn’t any chance I was taking a bio, chem, or physics class, or anything that had to deal with astronomy. My advisor recommended this course to fulfill the gen-ed and to get me thinking in a different way – I’m very excited to get deeper into this class.

When I was little, I always wanted to be a doctor…that dream ended after freshman year advanced biology. I always was so interested in the human body and functions until I had to sit through a semester of pointless labs and lectures that didn’t make sense to me. I also realized that being a doctor would be cool and everything, but it’s too much school for me. I am very undecided about what I want to do for the rest of my life, but I know science isn’t going to be a part of it.

Along with the human body and functions of it, I have always been interested in the way drugs affect the brain. Although maybe a strange thing to be intrigued by, it’s relevant where I grew up. In Greensburg, about 45 minutes outside of Pittsburgh, there was a huge drug problem – heroin specifically. Lots of overdoses and deaths came from the horrendous drug, even my sister lost one of her closest friends to it. It was tragic, but the fact that it was so addicting after one use caught my attention. For some more information on how heroin affects the brain, click here.


Say Yes to Science? Maybe after SC200?

Hello, everyone! My name is Yixiao Jiang and I come from Wuhan, China. I am a freshman this year. But it’s my third year to study as an international student in America. And I was in a Catholic School in Boston before. The reason I chose this class is my advisor highly recommended me to take this class. He said I can learn more scientific things that related to my daily life. And I might apply those knowledge to my life. Since I am a realistic person, I chose this class which helps me to gain enough credits in college and might help me in the future.

Furthermore, I am in DUS now, and I want to study risk management in my following college year. Since I do not like to memorize professional terms like chlorophyll, especially studying in a foreign country, I did not choose science as my major. However, I like part of science topics which relates to our life and I am also interested in doing experiments. There is a link below connecting to a YouTube video about 10 Magic and Cool Science Experiments you can do at home. Hope you can enjoy it! I am really looking forward to take this science class which might change my opinion. That is all I want to say. Thank you!!




Science is Everywhere

Hello, my name is Christian Duncan. I am a senior majoring in communication arts and sciences. I was undecided my first two years here at main campus and had a difficult time choosing what exactly I wanted to get my degree in. Communication interested me in particular because it is crucial to the exchange of knowledge between individuals. I can possess immense amounts of knowledge, however if I’m unable to communicate it effectively does it serve much of a purpose? This realization opened my eyes to why I wanted to be in college.

I chose this course in particular because the name captured my interest. I feel as though humans are drawn to controversy because of our natural desire to know and figure things out. I believe that we want to reach a level of certainty within our lives. By taking this class I expect to be presented with new ways of thinking and seeing the world as it is around me.

Lastly, the reason I am not a science major is because it is too specialized for my taste. As a CAS major, I believe knowing a little about everything can be more advantageous that knowing a lot about one particular subject. If you have ever heard the saying “versatility is key” then you may know what I mean. Though science is everywhere and is a major part of our everyday lives, I don’t feel as though the major itself will grant me the same opportunities as pursuing a CAS major.                           comm

Love Math Hate Science

Hi everyone!

My name is Candace and I am a freshman in DUS. I have never done well in a science class in my life. The only time I enjoyed a science class were the days where we would watch Bill Nye or make fun things like kites.

I actually just switched into this class the other day after almost crying in my intro to meteorology class. I thought I would enjoy that class because I think the weather is cool, but after the first day I had to get out. I think SC200 will be much better for me because it seems to be more of a discussion about controversial topics rather than memorizing terms and formulas.I heard that this course is for people who do not like science which is exactly why I joined it. I definitely do not plan on becoming a science major or anything remotely related to science (except math).

I feel like when people think of school subjects they link the social studies and english’s together and the math and sciences together. I’m not sure exactly what I want to major in but I know I love math and hate science so the common link between the two is not ideal for me. I am trying to avoid science as much as possible with still figuring out what I would want to do with a math major and I feel like this class is a good start in doing so.



Hi everyone, my name is Alexandra and I’m from Bergen County, New Jersey. I’m currently undecided but considering majoring in psychology. I’m not really a science-type of person but my academic advisor said this was a good course for people who did not like science. With that being said, I figured I’d try out the class to see if I’d like it. So far, this class seems like a good fit for me – the topics seem fascinating and I’m interested in learning how science affects our everyday lives.

As of right now, I do not plan to become a science major. I took biology, physics, and chemistry in high school and I did not do that well in any of them (I almost failed chemistry). Therefore, I don’t think it would be the best decision to major in any type of science field.

I think science can be engaging if you can relate it to things that you are interested in. I found an article that might be interesting to anyone who has a coffee addiction like I do. This article explains how scientists performed a study on how a gene affects the breakdown of coffee in the body and how much caffeine we are actually retaining.



Science made me change my major

Hi everyone my name is Imaani; I am junior majoring in Broadcast Journalism. I am from Philadelphia, and I am a change of campus student (Two years at Penn State Abington ).  I was  pre-med my  freshman year but after taking  a few science and math courses I realized that it was not right fit  for me. Sophomore year I joined the school newspaper and that’s when I decided that journalism was the career that I wanted to pursue . The science classes that I took in college were awful . It consisted of these three things note taking, exams and tears . The course SC200 looked different than other science courses. I saw the word controversy and that really got my attention.  Science isn’t my favorite subject  but it is still very interesting  . I particularly like learning about animals, and my favorite animal  is the alligator. They are the closest relative to the dinosaurs that’s pretty cool in my book. Alligator


Hi, my name is Brooke. I am from Shippensburg, PA so shout out to my fellow Greyhounds! I am currently trying to get into the business college to major in risk management. I signed up for this course because I have heard great things about the professor. I was looking for a class where I could have fun and still learn something. When I think of science, I think Physics of Chemistry which are some of the hardest courses and majors on this campus and even though I like learning about them, I just don’t see myself in that profession. Science can be fascinating but let’s be honest, some science classes put you straight to sleep; especially if you have no idea what the professor is talking about. I am looking forward to this class because it seems very energetic and fun which every science class needs! That, and Bill Nye the Science Guy.


Hi Everyone:

My name is Jingyi Zhuo and I go by Stella. I am from Urumqi, China. Urumqi is located in North western of China and most people live there are muslim. I am Sophomore but I did not decide my major yet, I am planning major in public relation.  This is my fifth year in the United States, before I came to PSU  I studied at Charlotte christian school, same school that Stephen Curry went!! Yeah!  This photo is what urumqi look like, I did not go back to there for a while and I really miss it.


The reason I choose this class? To be honest my boyfriend helped me to schedule the class so I did not know what class he chooses. Due to my Visa I am still not back to school yet so I never been to this class so hope it is fun. Hope I will find out soon. Also, I may need some help to catch up what I missed hope I can get some help. I am not good at science so I will definitely not major in science, I never good at science since I was kid at high school I always find easiest science class to take.




Hello everyone.

My name is Dominic DeCinque, and I am from Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania, a small town around 30 minutes away from Philadelphia. I went to La Salle College High School and am currently a freshman in the Division of Undergraduate Studies. I hope to become a student at the Smeal College of Business, but am not exactly sure about the specific major I will graduate with. I am passionate about all Philly sports, but especially my Sixers. I believed in the science of analytics right when the Sixers brought in General Manager Sam Hinkie to turn the franchise around. “Trust the Process” became a saying I believed in, and my  dream finally came true when the Sixers selected Ben Simmons with the first overall pick. Simmons is the future of the league and I cannot wait to see where he takes them and am excited for the future.  The reason I decided to take this class is because when I was scheduling my classes at NSO, all the science classes that were available were not to my liking. I made it clear I wanted nothing to do with biology, chemistry, or physics. After hearing this, my advisor told me to check if SC200 was still available and explained to me that it was a class based on critical thinking of questions and topics that the general public have thought about, but have not been able to answer. I quickly scheduled it and became intrigued during our first class last week.

When I was in grade school, I loved science. Learning about planets and animals was so interesting to me that going to my science class everyday was something I looked forward to. As I got older and started taking true science classes such as my worst enemy biology and chemistry, I realized that science was not my cup of tea. I despised having to memorize the curriculum that I did not want to learn about.  I hated having to conduct labs and writing reports on our discoveries. The only science class I somewhat enjoyed in high school was physics, because that was mostly math driven so it was easy for me to catch onto the material being taught in class. Yes, I love the show Breaking Bad, and Interstellar is one of my favorite movies of all time, but I could never see myself doing the actual science that took place on the TV every night.  In physics class, we learned about a man named Elon Musk, the inventor of Tesla cars.  Here is an article talking about Musk’s plan to send an unmanned spacecraft called SpaceX to Mars as early as 2018.


Hello everyone,

My name is Andrew Sciancalepore and I am a freshman from Randolph, NJ, just about an hour from New York City and a 3 hour car ride to good ol’ State College. I am currently in the College of Communications with many avenues I can pursue further down the line. Although I do not have a clear intent to do a certain career, I know I definitely want to be involved with sports. Speaking of sports, here’s a really cool video about the science behind the NBA Slam Dunk Contest, check it out:



I am going to be completely honest here,  I am NOT a science person. The only reason why I am taking this class because my advisor told me that this science class might be the only one that I could possibly be good at.  However, after the first couple of classes, I feel as f it might be a change. But, I do not know what to expect and I’m excited for what lies ahead.

I’ve never really had a great relationship with science. It’s never been a consistent like for myself. It’s either I understand something or I am completely lost within the context.  Hopefully, this course can be understanding to myself and also be enjoyable at the same time.