Hello SC200 friends! My name is Emma Lepore and I am a freshman living in the damp halls of East. I came from a small town about 20 minutes outside of Philadelphia called Lafayette Hill. I am in the College of Communications on track to be an Advertising major, but I have to keep a 3.5 gpa to actually declare the major after sophomore year. The reason I chose this course was honestly because I wasn’t trying to take the other gen ed class about bees. However, now that I actually saw the syllabus and have a better idea what this class is about, I’m super interested and kinda excited. It’s not that I don’t like science; I actually love it. I just happen to not be all that good at it. Yes science is all about asking questions, but I tend to lack the ability to wrap my head around certain concepts. I usually wind up asking too many questions to the point where I hardly actually learn anything because I am too busy questioning it. However, I find science super intriguing and grew up super exposed to it. Both of my parents are doctors and as a kid they always took me to the Franklin Institute in Philly. If you don’t know what the F.I is, it’s legit the coolest science museum in my opinion. Check out this link because it is worth a visit: https://www.fi.edu


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  1. pkr5098

    I totally agree with you about the topics on the syllabus. All of them seem really interesting and it will be fun to wrap our heads around some of the topics. I also chose this class to basically fill a requirement, but I am now actually happy I am taking this class.

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