A Neutron Walks Into a Bar & Orders a Beer

And the bartender says, “for you, no charge”.

My name is Adelaide and I’m currently a senior at Penn State. After many existential crises, I decided on a major of Anthropology with a minor in Philosophy and I intent to go into law after graduating. I’m taking this class to fill my GN requirement. And my friend has met Andrew and says he’s pretty cool.

I have nothing against science, I started at Penn State as a Forensic Science major and only after having a scarring experience with Chemistry and Calculus I decided to do a 180. I find the areas of Anatomy and Physiology fascinating and have chosen to focus some of my Anthropology studies in Biology. I studied in Australia for half a year and also gained an appreciation for the environment of that fantastic land. The continent evolved large hopping mammals with pouches, so of course it’s interesting.

I still enjoy reading about recent developments in science, I just don’t like studying it for a grade. I can’t perform under pressure like that. Science is the intriguing way that the world and all the things in it work and that’s fascinating. Tests are not, so that’s why I’ll stick to Gen Eds instead of a major in science.

If you don’t think nature’s pretty neat, just take a gander at this bear.


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